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Events 2011

2011-02-05 | CIOR Seminar 2011
CIOR Seminar 2011

was "NATO’s New Strategic Concept and its Plan to Deal with a Complex World".

2011-02-09 | CIOMR MIMMS Workshop

CIOMR offers CIOR Mid-Winter-Meeting participants a one day workshop: "Get acquainted with MIMMS (military version)".

Young Reserve Officers Seminar 2011

The Young Reserve Officers Seminar 2011 will be held at the Naval Force Training Centre in Liepaja, Latvia from March 8th to March 11th 2011. The topic of this year's seminar will be "NATO's New Strategic Concept and its Implications for new Member States"

United Nations Logistics Officers Courses (UNLOC)

Norwegian Defence International Centre requests qualified students to be nominated for the United Nations Logistics Officers Courses.

CIOR Language Academy 2011

CLA 11 will convene July 18 - 30, 2011 at the DACIA Center, Chişinău, Moldova, sponsored by the Moldovan Reserve Federation, Col Tudor Samoilenco, President.

2011-08-02 | Summer Congress 2011
Summer Congress 2011

The 2011 CIOR/CIOMR/NRFC Summer Congress will take place in Warsaw, Poland. The Poland Congress is the 64th annual Summer meeting of CIOR.

2011-08-03 | Symposium 2011
Symposium 2011

The CIOR Symposium 2011 is held as part of the CIOR Summer Congress 2011 in Warsaw. This year's theme is “NATO’s Strategic Concept and the Role of Reserves”

In-Between Meeting Autumn 2011

The In-Between-Meeting in October 2011 will be held in Bodø, Norway.

PfP and Outreach Workshop 2011

The CIOR Partnership for Peace and Outreach workshop 2011 will take place in Albania on October 26th to October 30th.

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