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PfP and Outreach Workshop 2012

Start: 2012-10-16 | End: 2012-10-21
Location: Leptokaria, Greece
Please see the current program of the CIOR PfP & Outreach workshop 2012, the official invitation and the registration form below.

The workshop is organized by the CIOR PfP & Outreach committee. Please contact the committee for further information.

Professor Gregorios Kostaras, President of Supreme Panhellenic Federation of Reserve Officers (SPFRO) and Major (R) Dimitar Popov, (BG) Chairman have the great honor to invite you to the 2012 PFP&O Workshop in Leptokaria – Greece on 16th-21st October 2012.

The Workshop will be held in a 4star luxury hotel resort “POSEIDON PALACE” on the seashore of Leptokaria, 80 km south of Thessaloniki on Tuesday 16 to Sunday 21 October 2012.

The main theme of the Workshop is “Peace as symbol of life and the role of Reserve Officer”. Three Working Groups will scrutinize the theme which is divided in three subtitles for the dedicated Working Groups:
WG 1 :  Operational reinforcements
WG 2 :  Civil and educational commitments
WG 3 :  Enterprise support and CIMIC benefits.

French, UK, and Hungary Lecturers are expected to speak on  the topic “Reserve System” in their countries.  Greek lecturers on: 

a)    “The National Greek Defense System and the role of Reservists”
b)     “Greek Company’s Manager pro-reserve testimony”
c)     “The Greek High Military Academy’s contribution for peace”

A good balance is been established by the Greek Organising Committee (GOC) between the Workshop production and the introduction to the regional heritage, as well as a promising entertainment  program.

A special visit to a nearby military campus (in Litochore) where we shall see reservists in exercise with tanks. We expect 2-6 participants from each country.

Registration fee, prior 14th September is €250 per person in double room, €375 per person in single room. Registration after 14th September bearing an additional charge of €50. Registration includes 5 nights accommodation in the hotel, all coffees, meals, including the Gala Dinner, visit to the archaeological sites and transportation.
Please be sure of the entire dedication of the GOC and the Executive Team to get all participants enjoy the Greek PFP&O Workshop.

For any question or clarification please contact the Executive Manager and liaison officer Victor Tsingis or George Aslanides, GOC Chairman.

Professor Gregorios Kostaras, SPFRO President
Major (R) Dimitar Popov, Chairman

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