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PfP and Outreach Workshop 2013

Start: 2013-10-09 | End: 2013-10-14
Location: Bucharest, Romania
Please see the current program of the CIOR PfP & Outreach workshop 2013, the invitation and the registration form below.
The workshop is organized by the CIOR PfP & Outreach committee.

This is an annual event, organized by the Partnership for Peace and Outreach Committee of CIOR and is scheduled to take place between the 9th and the 14th October 2013 in Bucharest, the capital city of Romania. It will be hosted by the Romanian Association of Reserve Officers with the support of the Romanian Ministry of National Defense.

Education for peace - the path to a common Euro-Atlantic security”, is meant to be a new approach for the Partnership for Peace program of CIOR. Education for Peace contributes to the understanding of the complex concept of Peace, as a state of balance and harmony between political, economic and cultural subsystems. It also enables the identification of the reserve officers’ role in building and defending regional and global peace.

Peace requires a new holistic and synergistic approach. Peace must be built with non-violent means before being maintained and defended. Thus education for peace represents the first step contributing to the harmony of its structural diversity, according to the geo-political and cultural characteristics of a region. In every corner of the world, irrespective of culture, ideology and political system, peace is the ultimate goal of mankind. Peace is part of human nature as a bio-psycho-social system, a sensitive connection between its functions and activities that should be kept in balance and harmony.

The specific goals of the 2013 Partnership for Peace Workshop are:
• identifying solutions for the organizational harmonization between the active reserve and the mobilizing reserve;
• creating a compensation package regarding the rules and regulations ensuring the compatibility of the two reserve components - active and mobilized;
• creating support solutions for the integration of the military reserve in the response capacity to civilian-military situations of natural disasters, major accidents and asymmetric threats;
• implementation of a new strategic concept for CIOR- Education for Peace - through knowledge, support and promotion of partnership for military and cultural values common in the Alliance.

The workshop is a great opportunity for the reserve officers of NATO member countries to discuss different issues and strategies, the reserve officers’ statute, the legal environment and the policies supporting the military reserve, the implication and capitalization of the capabilities and aptitudes of the military reserve in the process of integrating and relating to civilians and active duty service members.

Activities include three workshop sessions, two official dinners at the Palace of the National Military Club, presentation of typed of organizing the reserve system in CIOR member countries and discussions by prominent figures of Romanian military structures and state administration, as well as speakers invited from foreign partners.

A good balance will be assured between the workshop activities, a meeting with the Mountain Troops Battalion from Predeal mountain resort, situated in the picturesque Prahova Valley and exploring the regional heritage of Bucharest in a distinguished atmosphere of elegance and Romanian hospitality.

We are looking forward to see you in Bucharest!

LCL (r) Cornelia PRIOTEASA
First Vice-President of AROR
Member of the PfP/O Committee

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