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News 2010

The CIOR Presidency Message

Four months have passed since the Summer Congress in Stavanger ended with the transfer of the Presidency to Norway.

PfP & Outreach Workshop 2010 held in Sofia

This Workshop took place from Wednesday 17 November to Sunday 21 November at the Bulgarian Red Cross training centre located just outside Sofia.

CIOR Newsletter 2/2010 released

Find the newsletter and newsletter 1/2010 in the newsletter archive.

CIOR’s 22nd  Winter Seminar

Now that the “New Strategic Concept” adopted by the 28 Heads of State and Government of the Alliance at the Lisbon Summit on 20 November will be implemented, CIOR will be organizing its annual Seminar around the topic “NATO’s New Strategic Concept and its Plan to Deal with a Complex World”.

COMPREHENSIVE APPROACH (2/5) ... Planning and conduct of Operations

This is the second in a series of articles where the Comprehensive Approach will be addressed and elements of this new approach will be explored. The Interallied Confederation of Reserve Officers (CIOR) organized a Symposium, highlighting this subject during its 2010 Summer Congress in August in Stavanger, Norway.

The Three Swords mentions CIOR Symposium

The CIOR Symposium 2010 on the comprehensive approach was mentioned in the October 2010 issue of "The Three Swords", published by the NATO Joint Warfare Centre in Stavanger, Norway.

COMPREHENSIVE APPROACH (1/5) …  and why it is a big NATO issue

The Comprehensive Approach is the biggest issue in NATO today. For that reason the Interallied Confederation of Reserve Officers (CIOR) organized a Symposium, highlighting this subject during its 2010 Summer Congress in August in Stavanger, Norway.

New CIOR Presidency booklet

Norway was handed over the Presidency of CIOR at the last day of the 2010 Summer Congress in the city of Stavanger in August. The new Presidency has now released an updated booklet including greetings and description of CIOR.

Greetings from the International Military Staff – NATO HQ

Experience in Afghanistan and Kosovo demonstrates that meeting today’s security challenges requires a wide spectrum of civil and military instruments.

2010-08-29 | Greetings from SACEUR
Greetings from SACEUR

As the global security environment has shifted to threats that are not as well defines, we must understand and agree onm what the Alliance represents today and how we need to develop our military capabilities to function in line with what NATO represents.

Handover of the Presidency to Norway

Norway relieved the Netherlands of the CIOR Presidency on the last day of the CIOR Summer Congress in Stavanger on August 14th. Over 600 reserve officers from more than 30 countries participated in this NATO Reserve Officer congress. Captain (R) Royal Norwegian Navy Jon Erling Tenvik assumed the Presidency of CIOR for the next two years.

Timely Field Medical Response Saves Lives

Capt Jason English, Canada CIOMR Operational Medicine Committee informed over 45 young participants on YROW about the Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) concept as it applies to medical care for leaders on the battlefield. The coordinated effort between YROW and CIOMR was a success.

The Comprehensive Approach: CIOR Symposium explores the Role of Reservists

The Comprehensive Approach is a leading framework within NATO, and in this context, reservists are crucial in building bridges between military and non-military actors in the operations. The role of Reservists in this context was discussed among 11 speakers and more than several hundred delegates at the 2010 CIOR Congress Symposium in Stavanger, Norway.

SACEUR encourages reserve officers in Stavanger

On August 10th about 500 Reserve officers present at the Stavanger summer congress of CIOR were encouraged by a video message by Admiral James Stavridis the Supreme Allied Commander in Europe (SACEUR).

Summer Congress 2010 opened

The 2010 Summer Congress of CIOR in the city of Stavanger has been opened this afternoon. 600 reserve officers from more than 30 countries participate.

CLA 2010 : Fulltime intensive language courses in Czech Republic

The main mission of the CIOR Language Academy (CLA) is to teach English and French as a second language. As such it offers many benefits beyond the obvious advantage of providing quality English and French instruction focusing on the NATO military lexicon.

Annual report 2009 released

The CIOR annual report for 2009 has been released and can be downloaded from the CIOR website. Please visit the Annual Reports page to find the latest report.

Young Reserve Officers Seminar 2010 report

Brief report from the recent 2010 YROS which took place in Vyskov, Czech Republic with attendance from Denmark, Germany, USA, UK, Czech Republic and The Netherlands.

2010-03-20 | CIOR at LinkedIn
CIOR at LinkedIn

A new CIOR group at the social network service "LinkedIn" makes for easier interaction between CIOR stakeholders.

2010-02-17 | India unbound?
India unbound?

For this year´s Mid-Winter-Meeting, CIOR invited Major General (ret.) Ashok Hukku from India to speak about the country´s defense and security strategy. He presented the country´s security approach to CIOR.

 Focus on the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)

The Interallied Confederation of Reserve Officers worked towards a polished focus during the 2010 Mid-Winter Meeting, and momentum is gaining for the Summer Congress in Stavangar, Norway, as CIOR examines the possibility of a new organizational construct.

Tomorrow's Strategy for the Reserve

“NATO in an Unbalanced World” was the theme of the 21st Interallied Confederation of Reserve Officers (CIOR) Seminar held in Wesseling, Germany Jan. 31 – Feb. 3 at the Konrad Adenauer Foundation. A host of international speakers presented their outlooks and related interests on subjects common to 52 attendees from 23 countries.

Dutch reservist deploys to South Afghanistan, supports Task Force Uruzgan

After 27 years in the Reserves, MAJ Marc Daverveldt, finally had the opportunity to exercise all his military skills in a real-world deployment.

A YROW Profile: Second Lieutenant Robert Falconer, UK

Second Lieutenant Rob Falconer, 27, of the 75 Royal Engineers based in Stoke is a Combat Engineering Troop Commander who has been in the Territorial Army for three years. Last night he attended the TA 100 Reception held at the British Consulate General in Istanbul.

Captain Madeleine Bolsius of The Netherlands joined the Marine Corps in 2002 to see the world, and have an exciting job.

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