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CIOR’s 22nd Winter Seminar

NATO’s  new strategic concept analysed for NATO reservists

Now that the “New Strategic Concept” adopted by the 28 Heads of State and Government of the Alliance at the Lisbon Summit on 20 November will be implemented, CIOR will be organizing its annual Seminar around the topic “NATO’s New Strategic Concept and its Plan to Deal with a Complex World”. This annual geopolitical Seminar which traditionally always reflects topical NATO issues will be hosted by CIOR at the Konrad-Adenauer Foundation Conference Centre from 6 to 9 February 2011 in Wesseling, in Germany. The Konrad-Adenauer Foundation has hosted this Seminar for some twenty years now and funds it in part with CIOR and NATO with the aim of bringing peoples and ideas closer together.

As retired Reserve US Army Colonel (Ret.) Stephen T. Cochrane, Ph.D., Chairman of the Seminar Committee stated: “It is particularly through this annual CIOR activity that the Seminar can be seen as a think tank”. Indeed, this Seminar through the briefings and exchanges of ideas enables CIOR to play the role of a laboratory for new ideas for NATO and the 34 member and associate member nations of CIOR.

A very varied panel of contributors

A wide array of contributors will take part in the CIOR Seminar: top-level civilian and military representatives from NATO, speakers from outreach countries, operationals, researchers, academics, journalists and politicians.

On 6 February 2011, Dr. Knut Kirste, in charge of Public Diplomacy at NATO HQ will give an overview of “NATO’s New Strategic Concept and Comprehensive Approach”.

On 7 February 2011, a presentation will be given on the situation in Afghanistan by Major General Mark F. Ramsey (USAF), Deputy Chief of Staff (DCOS) for Operations, SHAPE, who will give an update on “NATO’s Mission in Afghanistan”. Dr. Barbara Jankowski, Research Fellow at the Military Academy’s Institute for Strategic Research will complement that analysis with “An Overview of Views of the Afghanistan Mission in NATO Nations”. Then, Major General (ret.) Ashok Hukku*, Former Chief Military Intelligence Advisor, Cabinet Secretariat, New Delhi, India will brief us on “Pakistan’s Role and Impact on NATO in Afghanistan”. Finally, Prof. Bernard Hourcade, Research Director at the National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS), in charge of Iranian and Indian Studies, in Paris will round it off with a presentation on “Iran’s Impact on NATO’s Mission in Afghanistan”.

After reviewing the various aspects of the conflict in Afghanistan, a round table will be organised in the evening on “The Mediterranean Dialogue and its Relationship to NATO’s Comprehensive Approach”. Among the speakers, the Professor Ilan Juran, Executive Director of W-SMART, an international association of water professionals. The round table will be moderated by Lieutenant Colonel Jacques Devèze, a member of the “CIOR Winter Seminar” Committee, France, who is very actively involved in its organisation. A new topic which was introduced at the previous Seminar, the sharing of water resources, a factor of cooperation with the aim of achieving peace in the Middle East should be given particular focus and development this year.

On 8 February 2011, Major General (ret.) Ashok Hukku will speak this time about “China as a Rising Military and Economic Power”. Then, Dr. Isabelle Facon, Research Fellow and specialist on Russia at the Foundation for Strategic Research, France will brief us on “The Russian Dimension: Relations with the West and China”. Finally, D. Ben Reed (US), Executive Director of the George C. Marshall Center will be given the floor on “Operations to Expand Partnership to the East of the Marshall Center”, situated in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany.

As usual, possible conflicts or problems will be addressed under futurology. Dr. Guido Steiberg from the Institute for International and Security Affairs will brief us on “The Current Status of Al Qaeda and Related Organizations”. On 9 February 2011, Dr. Marwan Abou-Taam from the University of Göttingen, Germany will talk about “Changing Demographics in Western Societies and Islamist Threat”.

Provisionally, a round table on “Potential for Success and Impact of NATO’s New Strategic Concept and Comprehensive Approach” will bring the Seminar to a close and it should be even more fascinating that the previous ones. The speakers will be Hall Gardner, a specialist on defence and security issues and a Professor at the American University of Paris, Prof. Carlo Masala from the Bundeswehr University of  Munich and Dr. Cécile Wendling, Research Fellow at the Institute for Strategic Research of the French Ministry of Defence (IRSEM), Paris. The moderator will be Dr. Klaus Olshausen, Lieutenant General (Ret), Germany, President of the Clausewitz Gesellschaft, Meckenheim.

* Note: in February 2010, General Ashok HUKKU who had already presented his analysis of the Afghan theatre to CIOR, spoke at the Confederation’s Plenary Session at NATO HQ, Brussels, giving a briefing on India’s Army and Reserve Forces and their organisation.

Look at the Winter Seminar 2011 page for more information on program and registration.

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