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CLA 2010 : Fulltime intensive language courses in Czech Republic

The main mission of the CIOR Language Academy (CLA) is to teach English and French as a second language. As such it offers many benefits beyond the obvious advantage of providing quality English and French instruction focusing on the NATO military lexicon. It immerses its students in intense English and French instruction which continues outside the classroom and into the social activities.  The languages instructed are also usually the only common languages amongst the students, thus encouraging the maximum use of the learned languages. Students from NATO allied countries, the Partnership for Peace (PfP) program, and the Mediterranean Dialogue may enroll in CLA for a two-week intensive session.


”Founded in 2000, the academy has trained over 500 officers mainly from Eastern and Central European countries”, says Colonel (R). Gérard Dréville, French Army, chairman of the language academy committee (CLAC) and Director of the Academy. The number of officers following a CLA curriculum has increased significantly over the years.



The academy delivers English and French courses at three different levels: beginners, intermediate and advanced. CLA instructors are reserve officers teaching reserve Officers. The opportunity to participate in enjoyable, worthwhile and unique activities clearly provides Reservists with strong incentive to remain in uniform. There are few opportunities for this kind of enrichment in any organization.  The graduates of the Language Academy are uniformly enthused about the program and are eager to exercise their new skills in an operational setting. Although the objective of the courses is to improve oral comprehension and pronunciation, written capabilities have recently taken an important place in the curriculum. During the two week sessions trainees and instructors dine together and it is compulsory to converse in the relevant language. Social events are also the opportunity to practice the language students learn. “These two weeks are fully dedicated to practice English or French”, says Colonel (R) Gérard Dréville.



“The tradition is now well established to have CLA run in a different country every year. Major Arnost Líbezný, President of the Czech Republic Association of Reserve Brigades has kindly proposed to host CLA 10 which will take place at the Military Academy of Vyskov from the 19 to 30 July. The project manager of the host country is Mgr. Jitka Tomkins”, says Colonel (R) Gérard Dréville. Registration fees will be 380 Euros per participant covering food, accommodation and social activities.


2010 should definitely be another successful and memorable year for the CIOR Language Academy.

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