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Focus on the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)

The Interallied Confederation of Reserve Officers worked towards a polished focus during the 2010 Mid-Winter Meeting, and momentum is gaining for the Summer Congress in Stavangar, Norway, as CIOR examines the possibility of a new organizational construct.

Major changes occurred in CIOR as the organization reorganized and reshaped its focus more directly upon NATO, specifically the Military Committee with a spotlight on the reservist.  Other changes that occurred during the Brussels meeting included the following:
  • Associate membership to CIOR was granted to South Africa 
  • Observer role was granted to Russia
  • Limited voting rights were agreed upon for Associates
  • More flexibility in the By-Laws 19.4 passed
  • Professional development would become a primary focus
  • The committee Partnership for Peace name was changed to Partnership for Peace and Outreach   
  • The Public Affairs (PA) committee was voted upon to be disbanded after the 2010 summer congress and the PA function will be a part of the Presidency team. 
  • The Military Competition Committee was changed to a Non-Universal Access Committee
  • Partnership for Peach and Outreach was changed into a Universal Access Committee 
New chairs were elected to the following committees:

Chair: Cpt Benoit Chaucheprat (FRA)
Secretary: 2Lt Egenio Egea (ESP)
Chair: LtCol Martin Hammer (DEU)
Secretary: Cdt Yves Wesemael (BEL)
Chair: Cpt Ann-Christina Salquist (DNK)
Secretary: LtCdr John Rothrock (USA)
Chair: LtCol Troy Sweet (CAN)
Secretary: Col Kimberly Fergan (USA)
Chair: Col Stephen Cochrane (USA)
Chair: LtCol Marc Lemmerman (DEU)
CIOR will continue an equal relationship with the National Reserve Forces Committee (NRFC) as stated in the MC 248/1. 

“The NRFC and CIOR share a common interest in securing the quality of reserve forces in compliance with the national policy on reserves,” states MC 248/1. “The work of each organization, within their respective roles in support of NATO, should be complementary and conducted in a spirit of partnership, particularly where their requirements converge. The NRFC provides appropriate advice and support to CIOR to assist in its activities in support of Alliance goals and advises the MC in accordance to current NATO protocol documents.” 

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