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Greetings from SACEUR

As the global security environment has shifted to threats that are not as well defines, we must understand and agree onm what the Alliance represents today and how we need to develop our military capabilities to function in line with what NATO represents. In this environment, reserve forces are no longer considered to be forces of last resort, rather, they are now recognized as indispensable to the Alliance’s defense from the earliest days of a conflict.

Your collective experience as service members and highly accomplished business and industrial leaders, public servants and academics has contributed immensely to NATO through enhancing cooperation and interoperability amongst reserve forces within the Alliance and its partners. With these varied backgrounds and expertise, reservists also play an important role in CIMIC operations. In addition, the reserves’ peacetime support to the active forces has taken on increased importance in areas such as Partnership for Peace seminars, language training, and professional development workshops.

I am pleased to congratulate Norway on assuming Presidency of CIOR for the next two years and charge you with improving on the legacy that this Confederation has established over the last 62 years. Your support to NARTO by promoting and enhancing cooperation and interoperability amongst reserve forces, and serving as an enabler to transformation invaluable.


Admiral James G. Stavridis, USN
Supreme Allied Commander Europe (SACEUR)

The booklet can be downloaded from this link: Presidency booklet

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