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Greetings from the International Military Staff – NATO HQ

Experience in Afghanistan and Kosovo demonstrates that meeting today’s security challenges requires a wide spectrum of civil and military instruments. NATO has some of these tools available, but not all.  This means that NATO increasingly needs to act in concert with those organizations and institutions that can provide the missing elements. In the context of this call for a “Comprehensive Approach”, we have to get used to the fact that we are just one piece of a much broader puzzle.

And here, reservists have a major role to play.  Because of their unique position, reservists have consistently proven to be some of the best ambassadors of the military to civil society. In many instances, they are the face of the military in civilian organisations, institutions and communities. Consequently, promoting and building the mutual understanding that will underpin the successful implementation of a true Comprehensive Approach, is one of the many attributes that reservists can offer.

CIOR is recognized by NATO with the objectives of providing advice on the utilization of reservists, continuing to improve the knowledge of NATO authorities about national reserve forces, and inspiring each member nation to develop its reserve forces. Against the background of the long-standing and fruitful cooperation between both organisations, I am truly convinced that CIOR adds value to this important work.

CIOR & NRFC (National Reserve Forces Committee) share a common interest in securing the quality of Reserve forces in compliance with national policy on Reserves. NATO appreciates the complementarity of both organisations, within their respective roles, and advocates continuing the good work in a spirit of partnership, particularly where their requirements converge.

On behalf of NATO’s International Military Staff, I would like to extend my thanks to all of you for your efforts and your commitment to the reserves, and by extension to NATO.

I look forward to your continued sound advice on reserve matters well into the future.

Rear Admiral J.G. Gade
Assistant Director Plans & Policy Division
Deputy Director International Military Staff NATO HQ, Brussels

The booklet can be downloaded from this link: Presidency booklet

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