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PfP & Outreach Workshop 2010 held in Sofia

This Workshop took place from Wednesday 17 November to Sunday 21 November at the Bulgarian Red Cross training centre located just outside Sofia.
CIOR’s Partnership for Peace and Outreach Committee (PfP&O Committee), led by Ltc Loïc Conquer, was responsible for the content.
The Workshop was opened by Lieutenant General (R) Stoyan  Topalov; the President of the Bulgarian reserve officers association and Colonel Konstantin POPOV, Bulgarian CIOR Vice President to CIOR, took part in the opening.  Present were also the Secretary General of the BUL MOD as well as the former Chief of Defence.
The Program included a visit to Plovdiv where we visited the city and the Special Forces Brigade, where a unit was preparing to leave for Afghanistan. The briefs included information on the Bulgarian Armed Forces, the role of Civil  Defence, information from then Former Yugoslavian Republic of Macedonia, the role of reserves in Germany and the reserve system in Switzerland.
One Workshop covered the issue of as less conscription and more professional armies and the consequences this may have for our work. It will lead to fewer reserves as such, some legal changes, news missions for the ROA’s, more cooperation with other non military organization and the ROA more becoming a bridge between military and civilian life.
Another area was the role of the ROA`s. They could to a higher degree take care of the interests of the reserves, including help to start a civilian career, help with legal and insurance issues both during deployment and after, involve more in lobbying, get agreements with MOD’s to cover certain tasks and find new ways to get funding, may be through sponsors.
This is not a complete résumé and several other issues were discussed.  The bottom line is however that we must keep relevant, attract young officers, be visible and have funding. Our most important tool may be enhanced use of websites.
The members from Macedonia and Moldova took active part in the workshop and received hopefully some useful inputs. Thanks again to the PfP&O Committee for preparing their workshop and for Bulgaria to be a superb host nation.

Also read more about the PfP & Outreach Committee and find more detailed information in the invitation to the workshop.

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