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The CIOR Presidency Message

Jon Erling Tenvik, President CIOR 
Captain (Navy) NON

Four months have passed since the Summer Congress in Stavanger ended with the transfer of the Presidency to Norway. Since then we have had a successful language course in Poland in September, a constructive IBM in Oslo 21-23 October and a workshop in the area of PfP &Outreach in Sofia 17-21 November where many good thoughts and ideas appeared. We have also during the period worked closely with NRFC and have had two excellent working sessions with the NRFC leadership to see how CIOR and NRFC can support each other in their different roles.

My impression is that within our organization, more than sixty years old, there are so many competent and dedicated people delivering results in all areas almost every day. I believe strongly that we have the will and ability to adapt to changing times and still continue to be relevant. NATO needs CIOR more than ever and we all need to work hard to fill our role within NATO and our national forces.

Our reason to exist is clearly described in our Constitution Article 2. We are – “a non-political Confederation of Reserve Associations’’--. Being affiliated with NATO, through the Military Committee, we work with and support NATO, and we are voicing reserve issues and experiences both at home and internationally.

How to do this will differ, more than thirty nations will always have different views on what to do and how to proceed. Some nations may also feel CIOR is not relevant to them anymore. But even though we cannot be everything to everybody it is my firm belief that we can offer enough to our member associations and other stakeholders to find it worthwhile to work together with us. However, given the diversity of our member associations and their respective defence communities, CIOR will never be able to tailor-make their activities to a small handful of members. In this context I think it is extremely important that we focus on our deliverables and relevant constituencies rather than spending too much time on internal procedures and matters of little relevance to the outside world.

I think we have something significant to offer also in the future. My thanks and appreciation go especially to our committees and their members that carry the bulk of our work. I would also like to thank all the VPs and ASGs and past Presidents who have been prepared to offer advice on how to move forward.

Before we have our Mid Winter Meeting in Brussels in February next year we are facing Christmas and the end of 2010. I wish to thank all of you for the cooperation so far and wish you all the best for the coming holidays. My thoughts also go to our colleagues and brothers in arms who are seeing active service in this period and those who have returned from duty. Seasonal Greetings and a Happy New Year to You All !

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