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YROW Profile: Second Lieutenant Robert Falconer, UK

Australia and Turkey has a special connection with the famous Battle of Gallipoli, which is remembered in both countries with memorials, museums and even popular culture. Last Summer, an Australian member of the Young Reserve Officers’ Workshop (YROW) marked her first visit to Turkey as an ally honoring the past while forging the future.

Sublieutenant Christina Rogerson, Royal Australian Navy, joined the Interallied Confederation of Reserve Officers (CIOR) as a YROW for the unparalleled international  professional development and to provide valuable insight on relevant issues from the junior officer perspective. 

“It was an honor to serve in the YROW program in Turkey, especially since Australia hasn’t sent any officers to CIOR for a few years now due to the cost and operational commitments. I will certainly recommend the program to my leadership and the Defense Reserve National Support Council (DRNSC) since it is of incredible value,” Rogerson said, “Also, I was doubly fortunate to attend the prior YROW seminar in Bulgaria since I had no idea what to expect. I was able to hit the ground running and apply useful experience in Istanbul.”

Back down under, Sublieutenant Rogerson is a full-time student studying Chinese and German language at the University of Western Australia while serving as a Naval Reserve Marine Engineering Officer for a shore-based maintenance organization in Perth.

Before departing Turkey, Sublieutenant Rogerson made a special trip to Gallipoli with her fellow countrymen and her new Turkish friends.

“The Battle of Gallipoli is no longer an abstract object of remembrance for me and my fellow Australian officers. It was incredible go there with our Turkish NATO allies to experience how the battle still resonates profoundly in the national consciousness of both our countries. We are a stronger alliance now because of our common bond.”

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