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CIOR Congress highlights “Cyber Warfare”

At the upcoming CIOR Summer Congress in Warsaw in August, the one-day
Symposium will include a session on Cyber Defence. Through different activities
in the CIOR community, the organization has been able to highlight this
important topic within NATO. Cyber Warfare was mentioned in the message
to CIOR by Supreme Allied Commander in Europe (SACEUR), Admiral James
Stavridis (US) as an important topic for NATO.
Together with seven other issues, the Cyber Warfare was mentioned by SACEUR in connection
to a speech about the impact of the new Strategic Concept in NATO, agreed at the Lisbon
Summit in October 2010. During the Mid-Winter Meeting (MWM) in Brussels and at the In
Between Meeting (IBM) in Bergen (Norway) the CIOR has discussed how the organization can
contribute and be of best value to NATO.


The Symposium at the upcoming Summer Congress in Warsaw in early August, will in
addition to the two panels covering Fight against Piracy and NATO Transition in Afghanistan,
also include a session on Cyber Defence. The audience will hear Professor Daniel Ventre (FRA)
from Centre National de Recherche Scientifique, talking about the great challenges we are up
against related to Cyber Warfare/Defence. The lecture will deal with the topic “Cyber War: a
threat to National Security and governments’ responses”.


Through an extensive network, the CIOR community contributes by being
a “loudspeaker” and creates higher awareness about Cyber Warfare.
–We consider it important to get the message out to the public and we can play a role in
this connection, says President of CIOR, Captain (R) Royal Norwegian Navy, Jon Erling
Tenvik. Both individuals - through the wide range of civilian branches and professions
that CIOR as a group represent - and through respective national reserve officers
associations the CIOR can contribute as loudspeakers.

Cooperation with NATO

In the same way as the CIOR’s CIMIC Committee has worked through the NATO CIMIC
Centre of Excellence over the past few years, it would be of importance to establish
similar cooperation with the NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence (CCD
COE). The CCD COE has taken a NATO-orientated, interdisciplinary approach to its focus
areas. The work of the Centre is based on extensive information exchange, cooperation
with NATO and NATO states as well as academia and the private sector and CIOR should
be considered as being a valuable cooperating partner in this respect. Particularly would
the Defence and Security Issues Committee (DEFSEC) and the Legal Committee of CIOR
be relevant contributors in the way ahead.

Legal resources

The legal resources and the development of a good legal framework is perhaps the single
most pressing need within the domain of computer network defence. The technical
challenges are difficult enough, but investigating and prosecuting cyber criminals has
proven to be extraordinarily difficult for law enforcement. CCD is also currently working
on a Manual on International Law Applicable to Armed Conflicts in Cyberspace, due for
publication at the end of 2012.

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