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High Activity Level in CIOR

CIOR will this winter/spring carry out a number of interesting and important events and seminars. More information follows below. This activities are part of CIORs strategy towards NATO, and supports its vision of "Bringing the capacities of reserves together for the best possible utilization in support of the goals in NATO's Comprehensive Approach".

CIOR Seminar 2011

The annual CIOR Pre-Midwinter Seminar will be held at the conference center of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation, Schloss Eichholz, Wesseling, near Bonn, Germany, from Sunday, 6 February to Wednesday, 9 February 2011. The title for the 2011 CIOR Seminar is "NATO’s New Strategic Concept and its Plan to Deal with a Complex World”.
The New Strategic Concept was adopted by the 28 Heads of State and Government of the Alliance at the Lisbon Summit on 20 November 2010. CIOR will be organizing its annual Seminar around the topic. This annual geopolitical Seminar traditionally reflects topical NATO issues. The Konrad-Adenauer Foundation has hosted this Seminar for twenty years now and funds it in part with CIOR and NATO with the aim of bringing peoples and ideas closer together.
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CIOR & CIOMR Winter Meeting 

The 2011 Winter Meeting will be held at NATO HQ in Brussels from Thursday 10 February to Saturday 12 February 2010. DSACEUR (Deputy Supreme Allied Command Europe) and Chair COMED are confirmed speakers. 
The CIOR COUNCIL will also held meetings, including getting a report of CIOR’s NATO Permanent Representative, review Minutes from Summer Conference in Stavanger and IBM Oct 2010 in Oslo and also review the Annual Report and Finance. Also motions will be discussed.

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Young Reserve Officers Seminar 2011

The Young Reserve Officers Seminar 2011 will be held at the Naval Force Training Centre in Liepaja, Latvia from March 8th to March 11th 2011.
The topic of this year's seminar will be "NATO's New Strategic Concept and its Implications for new Member States". The objective of the workshop is to provide young reserve officers the opportunity to share their experiences as well as learn from their fellow servicemen and women from NATO countries and expand their knowledge about the work of NATO and its alliances.
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