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Message from the CIOR President

I do hope you all have had a good and well-earned summer vacation. It is now a month since many of us met i Warszawa. Our Polish hosts organized everything in a splendid way. We struck a good balance between having fruitful working sessions and having time to get to know each other, discuss, exchange experiences etc. You do not need to know much yourself-as long as you know where and who to ask.
This was made very clear during the summer congress. We had a symposium with speakers and information that provided depth and insight. Our committees are up and going and deliver results. Young officers meet the seniors and everybody may be learning something new. For me this is an important perspective, we are part of an organization having existed more than 60 years. During those years our surroundings have changed dramatically and CIOR has adjusted. 
The war in Libya seems to be getting near the end. Hopefully the emerging alternative will provide a better life for the citizens. The wind also seems to now blow a little more in favour of the relevance of reserves. Nations are finding out that the combination of cost and competence show that reserve forces may be of added value. 
SACEUR is aware of that, his greetings and tasks to us on his videos speak for itself. I will during the autumn have an office call with him and report back our findings. Some nations are also, based on lessons learned from NATO operations the last years, re-introducing reserve forces, and today more than 20% of the forces in Afghanistan are reserves. 
It is therefore important to a long-term perspective, the old lessons still stand, it is easier to tear down and delete compared to build up and re-structure. I am convinced CIOR has a future and the mission we all have is to prove in our life and work that we make a positive contribution, we are added value. 
I wish you all a good autumn and encourage you to participate in our activities. Until next time, BEST WISHES TO YOU ALL. 
Jon Erling Tenvik 
President CIOR 
Captain (R) RNoN

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