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Spain approves a new improved regulation for the Reserves

The Spanish Ministry of Defence has given a new push into the consolidation of the Spanish Reserves.  In 1999 Spain approved a reserve system that was regulated in 2003 and that is based on 3 types of reservists:

  • Special Readiness Reservists (for ex-regular servicemen/women after their contractual terms)
  • General Draft Reservists (all Spaniards between 19 and 25 years for extreme cases)
  • Volunteer Reservists: All Spaniards (m/f) between 18 and 58/61 years – depending for NCO’s or officers - can apply for their constitutional right of defending Spain. This new figure was rather limited (e.g. no career was foreseen) in the old regulation.

On March 18, 2011, the new Royal Decree 383/2011 was adopted by the Spanish government. This consolidated the Spanish Reserves and approached the Spanish reserves to other NATO nations. Important within the consolidation of the Reserves is the creation of a reservecareer: Volunteer Reservist officers can apply for promotion up to Captain/LT(N) in 6 years intervals. The Spaniards that performed their compulsory military service can also apply to the title of Honorific Volunteer Reservist.

Spain joined CIOR in 1992 and up to 2004 it was represented by Reserve Officers of the compulsory military service. From then FORE participates with Volunteer Reserve Officers.

We cannot but congratulate the Spanish Ministry of Defence
( for consolidating their Reserves in this critical moments for reserves all over the world. More and more indications - including SACEUR’s - are made in this direction.

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Photo:  Spanish representation at MWM 2011.

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