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Summer Congress is approaching

The 64th CIOR Summer Congress will be held in the capital of Poland in the beginning of August. The Congress is organized together with CIOMR and NRFC, and it is the largest activity for the organizations throughout the year. The Military Competition and the Symposium are amongst the attractions for the participants from around the world. 
The Summer Congress has been held annually since 1948, and different countries organize it each year. The Congress usually gathers around 1000 participants from over 30 countries. The host country's Reserve Officers Association is tasked with the overall planning, coordinating and executing functions on behalf of the CIOR and CIOMR. The NRFC Congress is however organized by the host nation's Ministry of Defense (MoD) Department responsible for reserve forces-related issues.

Symposium 2011

The theme of the CIOR’s Symposium will this year be ”NATO’s Strategic Concept and the Role of Reserves” and will take place Wednesday, 3 August. The Symposium will start with a lecture about NATO’s new strategic concept and a lecture from General (POL) M. Cieniuch. Later on the Symposium will include panel discussions about the Transition in Afghanistan and Piracy. Other confirmed speakers are so far are Vice Admiral Pottinge (US), Major General Hukku (IND), Mr. Vincent Clouzeau (FRA), Mr.Sturla Henriksen (NOR), Mr. Henry DeLatte (BEL), Admiral Martinez (FRA), Professor Ventre  and General Diesen (NOR). 

Program for the Congress

The Opening Ceremony will take place on the 2nd of August, and in the days to come both the Military Competition, YRO Workshop and the Symposium will be conducted. Worth mentioning is the Military Competition that will take place between 3rd and 5th of August, with possible training sessions before the competition actually take place. An overview of the program can be found here: A more detailed program can be downloaded from this link:

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