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The CIOR Presidency Message

Jon Erling Tenvik, President CIOR
Captain (Navy) NON

We are now in the final month of the year and the Norwegian Presidency has only eight more months to go. It is too early to deliver our final report, but I would like to update you on some recent developments. Since the last newsletter we have had some significant events and developments:

We had a very valuable PfP & Outreach Seminar in Albania in September. Our PfP & O mandate is very clear from the International Military Staff at the NATO HQ and we are very happy to see how our member nations and associations are supporting NATO’s ambitions in this area. I would like to thank the Albanian ROA and Armed Forces and the PfP & O Committee under the leadership of Ltc. Loic Conquer so much for their efforts.

In Bodø we held our In Between Meeting (IBM) with one single ambition; to streamline, focus and fine tune our out-put. I think we all felt that this was time well spent. The fact that we also met the F-16 personnel from the Libya campaign and the senior operations officer from the Joint Defence Command Norway for engaging sessions added to the military experience of the Bodø IBM. I had a few weeks later the opportunity to thank the Norwegian Chief of Defence Staff, Vice Admiral Finseth, for the support they have given to CIOR and our meetings in Bergen and Bodø.

The Permanent Representative and I have also had the opportunity to meet with important supporters such as SACEUR, Admiral James Stavridis and the Minister of Defence of the Czech Republic, HE Alexandr Vondra. The meeting with SACEUR was a great opportunity to report back from the Summer Symposium in Warsaw where his taskings were highly inspirational for our programme. We also discussed ideas for the Copenhagen programme in 2012. SACEUR finally reiterated his support for reservists and for the voluntary effort CIOR is putting in. This is a tribute to all of you. In Praha, Jacques and I met with the Minister of Defence and senior members of the Defence community. This was a great opportunity to thank the Czech Republic and their armed forces for their impressive level of support for CIOR including the hosting of CIOR Language Academy and YROW activities and not least to discuss the possibility of a future summer congress.

CIOR is also endorsing a number of regional and national activities such as the Gaminger Initiative, Liberty Cup and BALTJOLDS. These are examples of well established reservist events of a high quality where the broader attendance from CIOR officers is highly appreciated.  On a personal note, I had the chance of visiting the French Foreign Legion’s Camerone Day in April and the Memorial Service at Mont Valerien in November which was both eye-openers and fine moments for contemplation, reflection and remembrance.

Finally, I would like to thank you all for your voluntary work both in your National Associations and in your CIOR roles. Let us hope for a peaceful Holiday Season and a Happy New Year !

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