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In recent years the relevance of the Reserve has increased within NATO countries. An obvious consequence is to provide reservists with a comprehensive training including exchange possibilities between allied Armed Forces. In 1985 Germany and the United States initiated a bilateral exchange program for reserve officers. “It is vitally important for our countries to continue to strengthen our ability to build partnership capacity. The knowledge and relationship gained during this exchange will be invaluable as the reserve officers continue to serve in uniform”, stresses Jessica L. Wright, Assistant Secretary of Defense for Reserve Affairs.
A delegation of 21 German reserve officers attended on the 28th German-US reserve officers exchange program in July. Amongst them were Captain Florian Busch-Janser and Captain Joerg Schnurre who are members of the German CIOR delegation. Captain Schnurre started his international experience in 2006 in the Young Reserve Officers Workshop; he has contributed since 2008 to CIOR as a Public Affairs officer and handed over to Captain Busch-Janser during the Mid-Winter Meeting in Brussels. “CIOR is a first class ticket. I have gained so much international experience since 2006. And now I see the outcome”, Captain Schnurre mentions. He is convinced that, without CIOR background, he would have been neither assigned as operational planning officer in the Regional Command North/ Afghanistan (hyperlink: nor selected to attend the exchange program. His host unit in the United States was the Office of Chief Army Reserve, where he worked for two weeks again as a Public Affairs officer like back in Germany. The Captain was fully integrated into the US team. He is still honored that he was tasked for example to draft the 4th of July message for the Chief Army Reserve as a German. This underlines his Public Affairs quality which he mostly gained with CIOR. Captain Busch-Janser describes almost the same experience. He was assigned to the Public Affairs team of the 127th Wing of the Michigan Air National Guard. Full of impressions he is now looking forward to working with CIOR and the upcoming Summer-congress to gain more NATO expertise.
“Every single officer will be attached to a host unit comparable to his home unit. That makes it possible to compare and to exchange experience such as lessons learned or best practices in both directions”, says Colonel Gaylord, Program Manager on the US side. Hence the 21 Germans were assigned throughout the entire United States and assigned to their respective service. Colonel Gaylord works in the office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Reserve Affairs, and supervises the Exchange Program. He is also in charge of NRFC and knows the high quality and expertise CIOR provides to NATO and its member countries.
Brigadier General Hasso Koertge, the Commanding General of German Armed Forces Command for the United States and Canada, outlines a good reason why the program is of key interest for both countries. “In Afghanistan, especially in the North, our soldiers are in close cooperation and there we see the necessity to know how we operate. This is important to save lives. Additionally our reservists provide skills the military usually do not have. And that’s why we will continue the program.”
Further information on the German-US exchange program can be found on the internet:
Annually the Reserve Officers Association of the United States and the German Armed Forces Reserve Association conduct a partnership seminar in Germany. This year’s topic will focus on the new military concepts and will take place in Bayreuth. The registration is still open until September 10, 2012. Please contact Mr. Christian Hetsch: 
Photo 1 by Department of Defense Reserve Affairs: The German Delegation outside the Pentagon with Jessica L. Wright, Assistant Secretary of Defense for Reserve Affairs
Photo 2 by Department of Defense Reserve Affairs: General Koertge outlines the relevance of the program during a reception.

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