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CIOR CIMIC concentration defined key issues in future CIMIC

For the first time, the CIOR Summer Congress contains an isolated CIMIC activity. The combined CIMIC seminar and exercise held just north of Copenhagen from Friday to Monday, ended with a lot of lessons learned by most participants.

After a series of lectures and intense exchanges of experiences, the CIMIC officers were put through a small, British organized, exercise handling a natural disaster.

"Exchanging experience is one of the keys in today's international environment", said one of the participants Captain Preben Hebsgaard (Denmark) as the exercise finished. He saw two key issues defined during the last days' debates and training.

"One of the things we have learnt is that the coordination between civilian organizations and the military is not always good enough. Especially as the military is supposed to hand over to NGOs when we have done our part. Secondly we have recognized that the military isn´t always organized to work with the very long perspectives that the civilian tend to have in countries like Afghanistan. These are some of the issues that should be addressed as we develop CIMIC in the future", said Captain Hebsgaard.

You can download the program for the CIMIC concentration.

Upper photo: Officers listen as the British-run CIMIC exercise comes to an end.
Lower photo: Captain Preben Hebsgaard (DNK), CIMIC officer


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