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Summer Congress news

Long day in the woods

By Thomas Jerichow (DNK) | 2012-08-02

The military competitions at the CIOR Summer Congress in Copenhagen Thursday got to the military orienteering march event. The 35 competing teams started off deep in the Grib Forest in Northern Zealand and were put through a series of forced marches, runs and events.
As the contestants enjoyed the woods and the August temperatures they were met by posts where they were challenged in shooting, canoeing, grenade throwing and many other military skills.
The course took almost two hours to complete and the impressing finish took place in the park of the Royal Summer palace "Fredensborg Castle".
After the run the contestants were transported back to their base at the Høvelte barracks to prepare for the evening's Viking theme barbeque.
Prizes for the military competitions will be handed out Friday.


Congress met Danish Home Guard

By Thomas Jerichow (DNK) | 2012-08-01
Participants in this year's Summer Congress in Denmark got the full tour as the Danish Home Guard invited them to an evening of introduction. 
The Home Guards presented themselves at the ancient armory museum in Copenhagen and several hundred reservists from the conference met everything from Home Guard special forces, guard dogs, and first-aidstations to Home Guard naval units. 
After an introduction by the chief of the Home Guard and a welcome from the director of the Armory museum, the numerous reserve officers mingled with the Home Guard volunteers and got a bit closer to the numerous aspects of the Danish Home Guard. 
The all volunteer Danish Home Guard consists of 48.000 unpaid volunteers with a wide range of tasks from sea rescue to service in the Danish missions around the world. 

A sweaty day at the obstacle course

By Thomas Jerichow (DNK) | 2012-08-01

Contestants at the CIOR Military Competition at this year's Summer Congress in Denmark got their pulse up as the competitions Wednesday moved on to the military obstacle course. The course, placed at the Royal Life Guard Barracks north of Copenhagen, contained the traditional mix of crawls, jumps and pits.
After a busy morning the best teams recorded times around 3 minutes. Prizes will be handed out Friday.

A moment of reflection at the memory monument 

By Helle Kolding (DNK) | 2012-07-30

It was a moment of silence and reflection, when today's wreath laying ceremony took place at the old citadel. The president of CIOR Jon Erling Tenvik was greeted by the commandant of the citadel, and then inspected the Guard of Honour. After a short speech he and the president of CIOMR, Gunther Ruetter and the Chairman of NRFC, Kjell-Ove Orderud Skare, laid their wreaths in front of the memory wall.
It was a memorable minute, and after the ceremony all the participants who had joined the parade visited the inner part of the Monument.

Ready for the competitions

By Thomas Jerichow (DNK) | 2012-07-30

After a relaxed day of training, the participants of the CIOR military competition training at the CIOR Summer Congress in Copenhagen are now ready for the competitions beginning Wednesday. Reserve officers from 13 countries will compete in shooting, swimming and field sports at Høvelte Barracks north of the Danish capital Copenhagen.

"Preparations have been fine and today's training has given the participants a good feel of the shooting range and equipment", says LtCol Martin Hammer (DEU), who is chairman of the CIOR MILCOMP committee.
Photo: We are ready, says LtCol Hammer. 

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