Interallied Confederation of Reserve Officers
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From the French Minister of Defence

The countries whose associations are members of CIOR all have their military history and traditions, their specifics and their social traits. And yet, all of these nations have turned to the reserve and have entrusted it with the mission of supporting and reinforcing their armed forces.

Today, all of these nations understand what a pool of qualification and dedication the reserve is, and what an example it is for their whole population.

All of these nations are more or less, each in its specific way, faced with the same challenges: ensuring the defence of the country without weighing too much on budgets already stretched by multiple priorities, modernizing and professionalizing armed forces without cutting them from the populations they protect, and finally developing a spirit of defence which goes beyond biased approaches and focuses on critical issues.

All of these challenges and opportunities put forward the interest and capabilities of a dynamic military reserve, which is aware of its role in the promotion of the mission and values of the armed forces.

Given its outstanding representativeness, its commitment to generate new ideas and its international structure, CIOR has all the assets to constantly develop the interest of NATO and of each of its members in the military reserve. Its roadmap is almost traced by today’s busy agenda of world events.

I therefore wish CIOR and its French Presidency, ambition and work, worthy of its capabilities and of the need it will have to fulfill.


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