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From the Chairman of the NATO Military Committee

The significant political changes since NATO’s founding more than 60 years ago has resulted in a security environment which is significantly different and, in many ways, more complex than the situation faced throughout the Cold War.

The current global security environment includes a much broader range of highly unpredictable threats resulting in a wider spectrum of challenging and emerging missions for the Alliance.

Founded in 1948 by the reserve officer associations of Belgium, France and the Netherlands, the CIOR fulfils two fundamental functions: providing advice on Reservist matters, and promoting the capabilities and skills of our Reserve Forces.

Today, the CIOR has grown and now represents more than 1 million personnel from 36 nations, including members from within and beyond NATO.

While the world has changed and the Alliance continues to evolve to remain an effective institution for promoting stability, more than ever, the unique threats to our collective security require the experience and capabilities of our professional Reservists.

By remaining flexible and adapting to the dynamic security environment, the CIOR has been an instrumental advocate for Reservists and a proven force multiplier in supporting NATO.

Through continued emphasis on the professional development of our most important asset, our personnel, and by raising awareness on contemporary reserve issues throughout the Alliance, the CIOR will continue to provide vital contributions to the Alliance in the future.

I am pleased to congratulate the French CIOR Presidency Team and wish the Board Members success in all of their endeavours. I look forward to seeing the results of your work and salute your efforts on behalf of NATO’s service members.


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