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Handover of the CIOR Presidency this week

Photo: Henry Plimack (USA)

Captain (R), Royal Norwegian Navy, Jon Erling Tenvik, has been President of CIOR the last two years. He is now elected as President of the Norwegian Reserve Officers Association.

Colonel (R) Norwegian Army Knut Jahr has been the Secretary General of CIOR. His area of responsibility is partly described in the Constitution and By-Laws. In addition he has also coordinated the Presidency activities. He has also been the advisor to President, together with a lot of other tasks. Some major achievements in this period are the revised websites and newsletters as special external results. In addition he has experienced an improved cooperation with the NRFC. Formalized liaison officers for SHAPE and HQ SACT have also been established and the MC Documents revised. Also the output management has improved with the work of the Output Working Group. 

Major(R) Norwegian Home Guard Tony Fossum, has been Assistant Secretary General CIOR Secretary. He has coordinated the Presidency activities and supported the Secretary General with all practical and administrative issues etc. He has planned and coordinated In Between Meetings, and Mid-Winter Meetings. He has also requested the annual fees from the members. In cooperation with the PA-team he has published the newsletters, also in paper copies by distribution list. Tony Fossum has also been in charge of the gifts from CIOR.

Major (R) Terje Surdal has been Assistant Secretary General. His main role/function has been as Liaison Officer to DefSec, CIMIC and the PfP&O Committees. Knowing the committees – from former committee work - has been an advantage in the communications and follow-up as it takes time to get to know the respective committees work, their members and annual activity rhythm. These three committees are also quite often referred to as the CIOR “work horses” as they are expected to deliver reports and feedback on specific tasking and projects with defined deadlines. He has also been a member of the Output Working Group.

Lieutenant Colonel(R) Norwegian Army Jan Molberg has been Assistant Secretary General and Liaison officer for the Language Academy Committee and the Seminar Committee. He has primarily worked on the cooperation of these committees and the Presidency.

Major(R) Norwegian Home Guard Arne B. Krokeide has been Assistant Secretary General and Liaison officer for the Military Competion and the Legal Committee.  He has primarily worked on the subject of the cooperation of these committees and the Presidency.

Lieutenant Commander (R) Stein W. Johansen has been Assistant Secretary General with accounting and budgeting as areas of responsibility, as well as the financial advisor to the Presidency.

Facsimile from presentation of the Norwegian Presidency team in 2010

Captain (R), Royal Danish Air Force, Johan Bitsch Nielsen has been Assistant Secretary General and Webmaster the last two year. In this period the new website has been updated and the content has improved.

Captain (R), French Air Force, Fabrice Maronneaud has been Assistant Secretary General/Information Officer to the presidency of CIOR. He has worked as a translator and assisted the webmaster.

Captain (R), Henry E. Plimack US Coast Guard Reserve (Ret), has been an Advisor to the CIOR Norwegian Presidency. He has for the past 15 years worked with successive Presidencies to firmly embed CIOR with the NATO community.

Lieutenant Commander (R), Royal Norwegian Navy, Ole Andreas Uttberg has been Assistant Secretary General, with Press & Information as area of responsibility. He has coordinated the Public Affairs work, both within the Presidency and external. In addition to drafting CIOR's information strategy, he has worked on the production and coordination of articles for our webpage and newsletter. He has produced the CIOR newsletter four times a year.

Captain (R) Jacques De Decker, Belgian Navy, has been our Permanent Representative to HQ NATO. He has been our liaison officer primarily to the International Military Staff (IMS), he has facilitated and planned our President's briefs to the Military Committee. He has also done all the preparations for our Mid Winter Meetings in Brussels. He is now fully integrated in the IMS and is the keeper of our records and files.

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