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Mass casualties put stress on CIOR competitors

Blood and screams from victims of a suicide bomb mingled as the Combat Casualty Care (3C) competition took place in Høvelte north of Copenhagen as part of the CIOR/CIOMR Summer Congress. 35 teams competed in handling the victims who were spread in a tent. To put pressure on the teams the three members had to handle six wounded.

"Cooperation and priorities are key to handling mass casualties like in this situation. Therefore the teams were met by more wounded than they expect. The key is to keep your priorities", explains Major Kristian Aagaard Poulsen from the Danish medical corps. He was satisfied with the teams performance.   

"It is very positive to see how the new missions have made the young officers aware of the importance of military first aid. I have noted how better they have become from year to year lately", says Kristian Aagaard Poulsen.    

You will find more information on the CIOR Military Competition and Combat Casualty Care (3C) competition in the report from last year's event in Poland.

Photos: Team participating in the Combat Casualty Care (3C) competition and Kristian Aagaard Poulsen.

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