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Message from the CIOR President

Dear All

I wish first of all to thank you for a very productive Mid Winter Meeting (MWM) last month in Bruxelles. We have, in my humble opinion, achieved quite a lot, but we can of course improve further. There is however a balance between the demand for quality and structure of our governance and output and the fact that most of our members do this during their free time, without any compensation and some even pay their own expenses for attending our gatherings. We have no reason to be complacent, but we must not be so efficient that we forget to have fun or so demanding that nobody wants to take part. My belief is that our Annual Report demonstrates the added value to our principal stakeholders; the ROA’s, the MODs, the Chain of Command and to our societies in general.

It seems to me that the pendulum swings between national service/reserves and professionals are moving a little back these days. Several nations are now reintroducing some sort of reserve element into their military structures, partly because of the state of the economy, but also for the qualifications needed in the Comprehensive Approach. Reserve officers may possess skills not common among regulars, skills needed to get the overall mission done. This was made very clear by the brilliant and inspirational opening speech presented by the Chairman of the Military Committee, General Knud Bartels, during our MWM on the 9th of February.

I recently had the pleasure of visiting our friends and colleagues of the Reserve Forces Council of South Africa including participation at the SANDF Reserve Force Strategic Work Session in Pretoria 16 – 18 February. The RFC under the leadership of Dr (Col) John Job today have a very significant role to play in the development of the South African Defence Forces and society in general. It is evident to me that the security of the African continent and NATO’s security is closely interlinked.

SACEUR, with his new video to us, confirms his view that we may be of added value to the regular structure and our Symposium Day in Copenhagen during the Summer Congress will be in line with his suggestions.

I wish at this time to give my regards and thanks to our committees, our working groups and their members. It is here the CIOR output is originating from; it is here our added value is created. Unless manned with engaged and qualified people we will be a social club, nice in its self but not interesting for our surroundings.

The big event this summer will be the congress in Copenhagen. I am convinced our Danish friends will organize a marvellous week for us and I encourage you all to take part. The mix between having a good time, but also engage in productive and challenging work sessions, should be a valuable experience. Some of the content will be prepared and discussed at the In Between Meeting (IBM) outside Oslo in April.

I encourage you to check out our Activity Calendar, our website and newsletter and take part in activities offered.

Finally – Best Wishes for the spring to come.

Until next time.

Jon Erling Tenvik
President CIOR
Captain (R) RNoN

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