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Partnership for Peace & Outreach (PfP & O) Workshop Tirana, Albania

From October 26th to October 30th 2011, the PfP & O Committee held its yearly workshop. The 48 workshop participants enjoyed the hospitality of the Albanian Armed Forces as this year’s PfP & O workshop took place in the Albanian capital, Tirana.

The overall theme of the workshop was the development of an Albanian Reserve Forces structure, and was attended by 18 Albanian officers, 20 officers of other nationalities including Macedonia, Greece, Croatia, Turkey, Romania, Italy, US and Spain, as well as 11 committee members. The workshop consisted of two days of working sessions, discussing different themes regarding Reserve force structures at the beautiful Defence Academy in Tirana. 

Summary briefing

The Albanian Deputy Chief of General Staff, BGEN Lleshi, welcomed us with remarks and also was present for our summary briefing. We were given a very warm reception from the Albanian ROA president Col Mehdi Pogaci, and his staff, including committee member Col Enver Ajdari.

Three topics

The workshop participants rotated between three working groups, to brainstorm and discuss each of three topics:
1.    A mission for the reserve forces
2.    Integration/re-integration of the reserve forces
3.    The role of organizations such as ROAs.

The development of all three topics, thereby making for a robust discussion of these issues.


On Friday October 28, all participants boarded a bus to bordering Kosovo to visit primarily German reservists on mission at the NATO Kosovo Force Multinational Battle Group (South) (KFOR MNBG-S) in Prizren. Two members of our PfP&O committee (Col La Bella (Swiss) and LtCol Hildebrandt (German)) had been on mission there within the last 2 years and had a lot to share about the employment of reservists in that area.

On Saturday the official closing dinner was held and here the PfP&O Committee had a proper goodbye with the Slovenian member Col Joze Konda, who officially retired from his CIOR duties in Tirana.

International forum

The workshop was a successful event for participants as well as committee members creating an international forum with 30 different nationalities. The Partnership for Peace & Outreach Committee would like again to thank the Albanian Reserve Forces for their dedication and for hosting us. Next year’s PfP & O Workshop is scheduled to be held in Oct 2012 Thessaloniki, Greece.

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