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What YRO do!

Several months have now passed since we said goodbye to more than 50 very engaged junior officers in Warsaw. In the meantime, theYRO (Young Reserve Officers) Committee has worked to identify lessons learned and to improve the concept of YROW in order to deliver an even better product in Copenhagen in 2012.

The planning for the YRO Workshop in Copenhagen is very much ongoing and without revealing too much, we can tell that the program for 2012 will be even better than Warsaw.  The relation to the MILCOMP will be improved and for the first time ever, we hope that all YRO can take part in the first aid competition.

At the summer congress in Warsaw some of the YROs voluntarily took part in the competition and their feedback has made us keen on participating in the competition.

The "After Action Report" (AAR) enables you to see how we evaluate the workshop and what improvements we strive to implement (see below).

The AAR already includes many if not all of the points made in the feedback forms. In addition, we have drafted a 13-page internal report detailing your findings and additional improvements. It will be the basis of our work in coming months.

The YRO committee’s next project is the YRO Outreach Seminar 2012, aimed primarily at including our newest allies in Eastern Europe and PfP nations in the work of CIOR. The seminar is to take place March 26-30, 2012 in the Czech Republic

Besides planning the YRO Outreach Seminar and the YRO Workshop we are aiming at a YRO platform for experienced junior officers  (returning YROs and junior officers with international experience). The Platform will be held in Switzerland in Autumn 2012. The planning is in progress and we hope to be able to introduce you for the program at the CIOR Congress.

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