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YROWS: Leadership Rocks!

A team of junior reserve officers from NATO-member defense organizations learned about the six leadership styles during a professional development workshop at this week’s Summer Congress of the Interallied Confederation of Reserve Officers (CIOR), hosted in Denmark.

Officially referred to as the Young Reserve Officers Workshop, approximately 60 participants up to the rank of Captain (Army/Air Force) or Lieutenant (Navy) worked together to learn and discuss leadership and current defense issues related to the NATO and the reserve forces.

“The purpose of this workshop is to expose YROs to an international environment, to learn to work within the international group, and to gain an understanding of different leadership styles,” said First Lieutenant Sebastian Hoffmeister, YROW planner. 

One of the workshop segments focused on six leadership styles and developing personal leadership principles. Round tables covered with white tablecloths seating six to eight reserve officers filled a small conference room. These officers were asked to interview each other in order to help discover each individual’s core leadership preferences. As the participants worked together, mingling amongst each other and talking to other participants sitting nearby they were able to overcome language barriers and identified their currently preferred leadership style and express their wishes how to develop these further.

“This discussion should create at least a beginning of the awareness to the importance of adopting different leadership styles,” said Jan Hoffman, a Danish reserve officer hired as a workshop facilitator. 

The participants began to chatter amongst themselves covering a whole range of issues such as, “the core of my leadership style is …” to non-topical discussions like, “what is ‘hump’ day.” Meanwhile, the facilitator Hoffman walked around the room offering personalized feedback to keep the young officers on track.

“Amazingly, this discussion reveals your core,” said Jan Hoffman.

The week-long workshop was designed to foster a junior reserve officer’s first exposure to a multi-national environment and to work with colleagues from NATO and PfP nations. During the week’s activities, junior reserve officers also participated in NATO related seminars and simulations exemplifying NATO’s diplomatic process.

“The basics of the NATO structure are taught here so that young officers can work better together in the international operational environment,” said Hoffmeister.
YROWS is a unique professional development opportunity for the junior officers that are nominated by their home defense delegations to participate. YROWS provides ongoing educational opportunities for junior reserve officers up to the rank of Captain (Army/Air Force) or Lieutenant (Navy) or below.

Photos: Henry Plimack (USA)

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