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CIOR 2013 symposium : Employer Support for military Reserve

In an era of economic crisis and shrinking defence budget, the issue of employing Reservists is a challenge for both their military and their civilian employers. Five years after the Istanbul Symposium where this topic was key, the French CIOR Presidency addresses the overarching problems, the shared experiences and the possible solutions.

Reservists are a very important asset to our Nations’ armed forces as to the Alliance in general; in a time where mobilisation has disappeared, and where only a few member states still maintain compulsory conscription, armed forces have shifted to full professionalization, which meansfewer and fewer career soldiers. However, due to multiple commitments, these armies areoverstretched and thus, far more attention has to be paid to members of the reserve. The increasing needs of our respective national armies ask for a comprehensive approach towards their ability to cope with both their military and their civilian career.

As a matter of fact, and even if reservists are recognized for their skills and expertise, some burning issues remain vivid. It is not just the “Thumbs Up” appreciation of their civilian employers, saying that they offer a true added value to their companies in terms of sense of organisation, discipline and teamwork. It is not about the civilian skills they provide to the Defence, where their qualifications are precious. It is about flexibility for a sound balance between work and military duty.
This year’s Symposium tries to analyse in-depth the nexus between the necessary Employment protection, the Employer Compensation and the Employer Engagement. Whereas the first topic insists on the possible ways to protect the volunteers from dismissal or detriment in their civilian jobs, it is however paramount to help Employers to understand why they should support Reserve service but also how they could benefit from it.

Through lively and exciting panels, the CIOR and NRFC joint Symposium intends to address these issues, expose mature Employer support programs and provide up-to-date information to generate political will amongst governments and companies. The high-level of theguests speakers, being not only government and military official representative but also entrepreneurs belonging to international holdings, guarantee a fruitful and interesting seminar which will be held in Brno, Czech Republic, on the 1st of August 2013. This plenary session willpave the way to another day of debate and open discussions hosted this time by the NRFC and IECSR.

The program can be downloaded on the following link : 2013 CIOR SYMPOSIUM.

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