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Message to CIOR from General Jean-Paul Paloméros, NATO, Supreme Allied Commander Transformation

I was very pleased to welcome your President, Commander (R) Richard Roll to Norfolk in January, together with Major General Georges Lebel (FRAAR), Chairman of the National Reserve Forces Committee.

We spoke specifically of the way to make better use of your availability and your skills. Your individual training must be encouraged as well as training and integration with active forces to ensure that you are better prepared for the military missions which you will be tasked to carry out during exercises or operations.

This means fostering the education and training tools that are central to the missions of my Command. This is all the more essential that you do not always have the means to exercise and train properly. There are solutions that I do intend to develop together with you, such as on-line training in which NATO enjoys recognized expertise or ensuring that Reservists are systematically included in exercises.

I wanted you to be involved in our current discussions. The proposals I had requested and which CIOR presented in a memorandum at the end of 2012 fully meet my expectations in this area. This is a valuable contribution to the ongoing discussions, in particular on the “Connected Forces Initiative”, which I believe provides a good way ahead to develop Reserves in the Alliance.

I would like to emphasize that your commitment as Reservists is all the more important today that NATO missions are more diversified and demand experts in areas which are not always represented in sufficient numbers in active forces. With your wide array of skills and high level of civilian expertise you are a vital resource in areas which are particularly useful such as Cyber Defence, Telecommunications, not to mention Communication, Law, Medicine, to name but a few.

ACT would also like to develop its own Reserve component with one representative per Nation which would provide efficient national links to the academic world, think tanks, Industry...  I encourage you to come and work alongside us to take up the exciting challenge of preparing the Alliance’s future.

Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to encourage you once again and praise your civic involvement.

General Jean-Paul Paloméros
Supreme Allied Commander Transformation

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