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CIOR Legal Committee

The Legal Committee is one of the "think tanks" of CIOR, comprised of legally qualified or legally experienced Reserve Officers. Lawyers from various branches are represented: judges, attorneys, prosecution officers and university professors. All share a common military background as Reservists from their respective nations.


Aim and function of the Legal Committee

The Legal Committee is the legal advisory body of CIOR and supports the presidency, council, committees and working groups of CIOR and CIOMR.

The Legal Committee focuses upon:
- Law of Armed Conflict issues
- Employee and employer protection
- Legal education on and development of international humanitarian and military law
- Constitution and By Laws of CIOR
- Support to prospective new member association

Current issues during and after the summer congress in Brno

The Legal Committee provided LOAC briefing and testing to the Young Reserve Officers (YROs) to check and validate their knowledge of LOAC.

The Committee on demand provides its services directly to the other CIOR Committees and working groups and takes part in the CIOR Symposium panels (Maj. Arne Krokeide speaker on panel 3 Employer engagement).

During the summer congress the YROs were briefed and tested on specific LOAC issues and case studies. YROs passing the test recieved a certificate. The best 5 participants were rewarded by the CIOR president during the closing dinner.

The CIOR Legal Committee`s website has been updated and fitted with LOAC study materials and links.

The Legal Committee initiated a cooperation between the CIMIC Committee to support during their CIMEX-excercise in Hammelburg 2014 (possible topic: legal aspects and implications of contingency operations in a post-conflict environment).

The Legal Committee is planning to create a „domain of knowledge“ (LOAC question and test-bank) based on NATO STANAG 2449 2nd ed. (2013).

The CIOR summer congress 2013 has been - with regards to the 4 days of time  -  a short one. That does make it difficult to conduct scientific legal support and lectures.

Delegates to the Legal Committee have the rare opportunity to work in a joint and combined international military environment, gaining experience far beyond their national perspective. They gain special knowledge that can be applied to their respective reserve units and their civilian fields. 

Though the involvement in the Committee`s activities is a valuable career development tool for Reserve Officers the number of delegates sent to the Committee is on a minimum.

The Committee is esp. lacking native english speaking members from the United States and the United Kingdom.

On behalf of the Legal Committee and facing the fact that only one english native speaking member was present during the summer congress in Brno, I would like to kindly ask the CIOR presidency to support by motivating the CIOR members and associates to sent more delegates to the Legal Committee.
Photos Released by CIOR/Henry Plimack (USA)

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