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From the CIOR President

Looking back at just 4 and a half months of my mandate as president of CIOR, it is probably too early to start listing achievements  - however, I wanted to thank you for your support in a very busy agenda that has led us to start delivering on some of the commitments I took in front of you in Copenhagen :

• Deliver relevant advice on reserve capacities: with the help of the Defence and Security Committee (“DEFSEC”) and the CIOR delegations from over 15 countries (who have answered our requests for contribution which is very significant), the CIOR Memorandum 28/11/2012 on Connected Forces, following a request for advice from Supreme Allied Command Transformation of NATO, has been sent to the Chairman of the NATO Military Committee and I will present it directly - together with the Chairman of NRFC (who will present the NRFC paper) to SACT in January 2013 in Norfolk, VA.;

• Offer consistent development opportunities for reserve officers in an international, multicultural environment: alongside existing CIOR "blockbusters" like the CIOR Language Academy (CLA) or the Young Reserve Officers’ Workshop  (YROW), and many other events, we are making excellent progress at developing or ensuring continuity of products such as the CIMIC exercise, or CIOR-facilitated curricula for reserve officers, young or experienced, in relation with the NATO school Oberammergau;

• Extending the reach and impact of our CIOR Summer Symposium, which profiles itself over the years as a key building block of our CIOR Summer Congress: next year's CIOR Symposium is making remarkable progress and its subject, employer support, is getting full attention from all associations and MoD's I have had the opportunity to discuss with so far.

• Performing CIOR Presidency activities, as required by the job. In the last quarter of 2012, this included: productive meetings with the Czech Reserve Association and organizers of the future 2013 CIOR/CIOMR Summer Congress; attending the conclusions of the PfP&O Seminar in Leptokaria, Greece; ensuring that Bulgaria prepares adequately to the challenges of taking over the Presidency of CIOR in 18 months from now; meeting with many delegations of CIOR members, including enjoying their hospitality as I did in December for an active associate member from the Nordics December, the Finnish Reserve Officers Federation in Helsinki.

Some of you know this already, having worked on this with the CIOR Presidency, in support the CIOR Committees, during the last CIOR in-between meeting in Paris 15-17/11/2012. I see in the high  attendance figures (over 50), as well as in the overall feedback, an encouragement to stay on this general course, with all adjustments required to respect our diversity and what makes CIOR a unique organization in the world of reserve and defence.
There is clearly more to come - CIOR is a collective piece of work and I know I can count on all national delegations - as I promise they can count on me and my Presidency team to continue to pull all our available energy together, to move the CIOR ship ahead.

Having said this, I do not want to forget what our activities as reservists also mean. Our families are making a lot of efforts to support us, and I want to express my special gratitude to them. Again in 2012, many reservists have also done the ultimate sacrifice of their own lives in country and abroad, alongside our active duty comrades. This matter of fact deserves not only our deepest respect, but should also compel us to explain to the wider public how different our engagement is from regular voluntary work.

With this in mind, allow me to wish you a Happy New Year 2013. See you in Brussels end of January.

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