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NATO’s Challenges Following the Chicago Summit

The 24th annual CIOR Pre-Midwinter Seminar will take place, as usual, at the conference center of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation (KAS), Schloss Eichholz, Wesseling, between Cologne and Bonn, Germany, from January 27 to 30, 2013. The general topic will concern “NATO’s CHALLENGES FOLLOWING THE CHICAGO SUMMIT”.

Organized with the strong support of KAS by Colonel (Ret) Stephen Cochrane and the members of his Committee, the seminar will be attended by over 60 reserve officers from 20 different nations. The new CIOR Presidency has been encouraging the participation of one Council member, one representative of the Ministry of Defense, and a selected young reserve officer from each nation.

The seminar will be introduced on Sunday evening by Dr. Detlef Puhl from NATO International Staff. He will present the decisions taken at the Chicago Summit and analyze the implications for the Alliance. On the following morning, Professor Alexander Nikitin, Moscow State Institute of International Relations, will give us the Russian view of the Chicago Summit and will discuss it further within a panel session including Dr. Patrick Keller who is in charge of defense and security issues at KAS.

For the first time, one of CIOR VPs will be among the speakers and give a presentation on his own country: “Turkey Between Two Worlds”. BG (Ret.) Haldun Solmaztürk will speak as a defense and political analyst from the Turkish Center for International Relations and Strategic Analysis, Ankara.

The NATO theaters of operations and the present or potential conflict areas will then be reviewed by our experts and specialists from the academic circles and think tanks: “The Afghanistan/Pakistan situation and the future  transition” by our good friend from India, MG (Ret.) Ashok Hukku, former chief military intelligence advisor at the Cabinet Secretariat in New Dehli;the “Situation in Iran with its impact on the region” by the well-known Professor Bernard Hourcade from CNRS in Paris will conclude the first day.

The next day will start with a panel session on Syria to follow up on the topic of the Arabic Spring which we addressed in the seminar last year. Among the panelists, Professor Alvaro de Vasconcelos, former director of the EU Institute for Security studies, Salam Kawakibi, research director at the Paris office of the Arab Reform Initiative and Jean-Pierre Perrin, war reporter at Libération.

The following sessions will focus on the “European pillar for Defense and Security” with Dr. Claudia Major, Deputy head of the German Institute for International and Security Affairs in Berlin and the US administration as regards its relations with NATO and the new US Pacific-oriented strategy by Hall Garner, Professor at the American University of Paris.

The seminar will be concluded by BG (R) Patrick Wouters from the Defense Policy and Planning Division at NATO (IS). He will speak on the Connected Forces Initiative (CFI), a topic on which CIOR has been working during the In Between Meeting held in Paris last November, to join the reflection started by the NRFC at the request of ACT at Norfolk.

It is to be noted that CIOR President Commander (R) Richard ROLL is listed among the speakers for the last evening session.


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