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Stimulating joint visit to Spanish Volunteer Reserve Conference

In order to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the creation of the volunteer reserve in Spain, a national conference was held in Seville. This conference was organized by ARES an association of reservists with the cooperation of FORE, the Spanish ROA, member of CIOR; MOD and Sevilla University.

Commander (R) Richard Roll, president of CIOR and General Lebel, chairman of the NRFC both attended this remarkable conference and were invited to address the audience.

Civilian and military authorities stressed the interest they paid to the reserves at the opening of the Conference which was held in the Seville Law Faculty. 

The Spanish reserve forces, although limited in number (near 5.000) seem to be going forward with their transformation. They have turned their back on the obsolete Cold War concept of "mass mobilisation" and aim at developing a concept of reserve based on the voluntary commitment of skilled personnel useful for defence and security purposes in all services (army, navy, air force, medical services…).

Spanish preoccupations in the field of reserve forces meet with those of many countries in NATO: 40 % of the population non-interested in making sacrifices for their defence, budget constraints bearing on education and operational training, issues related to promoting and selecting necessary competences… However, the link between defence and society at large which is exemplified by active and coherent reserve forces is a major stake with a view to a global and pertinent response to the large spread of permanent threats.

Both CIOR President and NRFC chairman demonstrated once more the synergy between institution and association and stressed the importance they give to this bond which allows freedom of action and mutual support for the benefit of reserve forces at national and international levels. This framework of goodwill and cooperation is a key for innovative solutions, exchanged benchmarking or best practices with military institutions and civilian businesses through associations and partnerships.

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