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Young Reserve Officers Workshop (YROW) activity during the Congress

At the CIOR Summer Congress, Young Reserve Officers were able to take part in many activities, mainly focused on leadership workshops and workshops to find out about other nations.

Team building sessions

The week began with communication workshops to help get acquainted, to apply a broad set of communication techniques both to become part of a group and to lead effectively a working or briefing session. Their impact was quickly felt, giving rise to team spirit among the Young Reserve Officers from the very first days. Those workshops are undeniably an excellent preparation for a coalition mission or external operation.

Brainstorming workshops on leadership

In addition to the “communication” approach, 3 Flag Officers from Canada, Germany and Australia came to give their views on leadership to the Young Reserve Officers.

Country briefs

The rest of the week was punctuated by “country briefs” during which every representative gave a 15 minute presentation on their country, its armed forces, reservists, which served to highlight differences in organisations from country to country, namely:
• recruitment (in some countries national service is still compulsory, but not in others),
• organisation,
• relationship with career soldiers,
• protection of civilian jobs (some countries legislate to guarantee the job of a reservist deployed on external operation).

Simulated NATO Exercise

During the week, Young Reserve Officers were also able to practice NATO Crisis Management and learn in real conditions about decision-making in an allied configuration. Case study: a fictitious conflict for which the situation was described and presented in NATO documents which conform to what they would be in a real situation.
This context enabled participants to role play as if they were in a crisis involving decision making during a NATO-led military response, applying specific NATO procedures and protocols. A positive and practical result helped them become aware of the way NATO functions operationally.

Training in the Law of armed conflict

After an e-learning session using NATO’s Internet platform, the Young Reserve Officers attended a session on the Law of armed conflict based on serving officers’ stories and lessons learned. The training ended with a knowledge assessment test. 5 officers, who obtained almost the maximum score, were singled out by CIOR President at the closing event of the Congress.

The Symposium

Thursday 1st August was focused on the Symposium and on the topic of “Employer Support”. This was an exceptional moment for lessons learned, sharing best practices among nations and questions and answers. Of course, the Young Reserve Officers were pleased to attend this major meeting.

Outside the workshops

A week of seminars among Young Officers also means thinking outside the formal box of the Congress and making the most of “networking” periods to complement what was taught during the working sessions. Meals and breaks are an exceptional opportunity to learn, at least as much as in a workshop as they are sustained and free periods of interaction.

Translation : Miriam Atlas (NATO IMS)
Photos Released by CIOR/Henry Plimack (USA)

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