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CIOR’s CIMIC committee focuses on Gender, Women, Peace and Security

Co-operation between civil and military organizations is a key factor for the success of multinational operations, humanitarian relief scenarios as well as stabilization operations. Soldiers have to adapt to a new reality: they are required to perform military expertise in the midst of civilian societies, and to cooperate with host nations, international organizations and NGOs on site.

Aim of CIMEX is the networking, liaison and sharing of best practices for operations in a multinational environment among Reservists that specialize in CIMIC. CIOR´s CIMEX 2014 took place in Hammelburg, near Fulda with 37 attendees from 8 nations, including high level speakers from NATO, NATO’s CCOE (CIMIC Centre of Excellence), UN, USAID and USEUCOM, as well as the CIMIC organization of the German Army. During a table-top exercise participants were put into multi-national teams engaging in a disaster relief scenario: a catastrophic flooding, followed by a massive movement of displaced persons.

For the first time CIMEX focussed on gender, women, peace, and security; a key initiative based on UN Security Council Resolution 1325, which is relevant to all CIMIC and stabilization operations. In information sharing among the CIMIC community, CIOR´s CIMEX 2014 is at the leading edge of this important topic. Recent experience from the international deployment to Afghanistan had shown the utmost importance of the consideration of Women, Peace and Security and
Gender. “As a participant, I have learned that if you don’t include women, you are missing out on half of the population,” said Captain Holly Cookson, a participant from the United States. Planning for CIMEX 2015 in Washington, DC is now underway.

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