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CIOR IBM Sofia 2014


CIOR IBM Sofia 2014


By Colonel (R) Konstantin POPOV CIOR VP Bulgaria (2006-2014),
Special Advisor (CIOR Presidency 2014-2016.

15646522820_fa0b4d5bf2_z-(8).jpgThe first IBM of the Bulgarian CIOR Presidency took place in Sofia from November 13th to 15th with 45 participants including VPs , ASGs for Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland,  RSA, Spain, Turkey, UK and USA;  Committee Chairs and members.

The President of CIOR LTC Dimitar Popov opened the general meeting, presenting the program of the Bulgarian Presidency for the term 2014-2016.
The working sessions were carried out in two basic (working) groups –  Discussions of the President Lt Col D. Popov  and the Secretary General Col. Sertov with the Vice Presidents/ASGs  on the topics of the day:  Preparation of MWM, Next CIOR Presidencies, Summer Congress ‘2015; Statute of PA Committee and other live questions.

15832906962_2c731434d4_z-(2).jpgThe second working group was led by the Deputy SG Col Vilis Tzourov.  The work of this group was focused basically on the working programs of the Committees, opening of Chairs, Secretary positions and involving new members, as well as answers to pressing issues  and tasks of the different Committees.
President Popov implemented as well, a separate meeting with the Board of CIOR, focused on the strategy of the Confederation.

15807707786_a152ba3382_z-(6).jpgDuring the IBM the participants were able to hear the NATO update by Colonel Sclenar/IMS/ and the presentation by Colonel  Lalov /NRFC Secretary/, as well as the Presentation of the representative of MoD of Bulgaria on vision 20/20; Presentation on the Bulgarian Reserve System; Presentation of the Center of Excellence for Crisis Management and Disaster Relief COE /Reserve training/.

The participants had the chance to visit the National Military Historical Museum. The President’s Dinner took place in the same evening at the Lozenetz State Residence.
The next day after the presentation of the Committees and WGs reports, the President closed the IBM.


Remark : The Minutes of the IBM, Sofia’14 will be presented by the Secretary General and distributed in Council, during the MWM, Brussels’ 2015

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