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CIOR NATO Geopolitical Seminar 2014

“Security through Crisis Management” (Lisbon Summit Strategic Concept)

The 25th annual CIOR Pre-Midwinter Seminar will take place, as usual (but probably for the last time), at the conference center of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation (KAS), Schloss Eichholz in Wesseling, between Cologne and Bonn, Germany, from February 1st to 5th, 2014. The general topic will concern “Security through Crisis Management” from NATO Strategic Concept set up at the summit in Lisbon; crisis management being one of the two main working streams introduced by the present French Presidency of CIOR.

Organized with the strong KAS support by Colonel Stephen Cochrane and the members of his committee, the seminar will be attended by 60 reserve officers from 21 different nations and over fifteen speakers from NATO and USAREUR, AFRICOM and the G. Marshall Center, think tanks and universities as well as ambassadors or journalists. CIOR President, Commander (R) Richard ROLL will also address the audience.

The seminar will be introduced on Sunday evening by Dr. Detlef Puhl from NATO/I.S.; he will present the Alliance’s achievements in crisis management since the Lisbon summit. On the following morning, Matthew G. Boyse, the political and foreign policy advisor to USAREUR Commander will draw the lessons learned from past conflicts (Georgia, Libya, Iraq…) in terms of crisis and post-crisis management.

The US pivot to Asia and its effects on Europe will be addressed by Jean-Loup Samaan from NATO Defense College, Hall Gardner, professor at the American University of Paris, and Dr Sven Gareis, deputy dean at the George C. Marshall European Center for Security Studies in Garmisch Partenkirchen.

The NATO theaters of operations and the present or potential conflict areas will then be reviewed by our experts or some other specialists from the academic circles or from the field: Afghanistan with “The Status of Transition, Peace and Reintegration” by speakers, now well known to CIOR audience: MGen. Ashok Hukku, former chief military intelligence advisor at the Cabinet Secretariat in New Dehli and Emmanuel Dupuy, now President of the Institute of Prospective and Security in Europe based in Paris.

Several sessions on Monday and Tuesday will deal with the Middle East, the Mediterranean Dialog and the North African and Sahel regions as a follow up to the Arab Spring, the Syrian events and the military interventions in Africa. This will include an analysis of international cooperation and synergy to control militancy and violence in Africa in a presentation by COL Brian Linvill from US Africa Command. With the approaching second Geneva meeting, the biggest focus will be made on Syria. Among the panelists, Salam Kawakibi, research director at the Paris office of the Arab Reform Initiative, professor Joseph Bahout from the International Diplomatic Academy and Jean-Pierre Perrin, war reporter at Libération who just published a novel on the Syrian civil war (“La mort est ma servante”).

As regards the geopolitical evolution following the recent presidential elections in Iran, we shall call back our friend Bernard Hourcade, professor emeritus at CNRS in Paris and a specialist of the region. He and his panel will deal with “Iran-Arab countries: A Gulf between two Gendarmes” while Major General Hukku and Ambassador Onur Öymen, former permanent representative at NATO and today a member of the Turkish Parliament, will analyze the political evolution in Egypt as a “Second Arab Spring”.

After reviewing, last year, NATO-Russia relations, the CIOR Seminar will deal for the first time with the relations between the Alliance and Partners from the former soviet republics, mainly in Central Asia. To tackle this issue, we shall be happy to welcome back Isabelle Facon, senior researcher at the FRS. Raimonds Rublovskis, who attended the seminar last year with the Latvian delegation will be back this year as a speaker on behalf of the Latvian Institute of International Affairs.

Last but not least, Brooke Smith-Windsor from NATO Defense College will conclude the seminar by reviewing the cooperation, in the field of crisis management, between NATO and other international organizations such as the European Union and the United Nations.

A few seats are still available for what should be one of the best seminars ever held in Wesseling by CIOR. Please send your application NOW to colonel Cochrane ( !

Photo Released by CIOR/Henry Plimack (USA)

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