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Feedback from the Young Reserve Officers (YRO) Seminar in Brno

When I was invited to attend as an observer the CIOR Young Reserve Officers (YRO) Seminar in Brno, I first thought that it would be interesting to see who the young reserve officers of our ROA are, and what kind of training this seminar might offer. I also thought that with my background in foreign relations, a seminar in cross-cultural relations will not bring much to me.

Actually, I was largely mistaken, since I learnt a lot. . Even if I can’t qualify as young officer anymore, I was fully involved and enjoyed every minute of this seminar, remarkably organized by our Czech Friends from CIOR.

The resource person, Capt (R) Madi was not only quite knowledgeable on his subject, but also a splendid pedagogue.

The participants originated from a great variety of countries, experiences and backgrounds, and they participated very actively and had fun.

If you are a young reserve officer and want to discover your peers in a multinational environment, join the next available CIOR YRO activity: it will be difficult to find a way to learn more in a few days, while enjoying it.

If you have responsibility in your Reserve Officers’ Association, advise your young officers to join: they will learn a lot, gain a valuable experience and join a wonderful network.

LTC (FRA – R) Robert Payen, deputy SG, CIOR

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