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Food for thought about the reserves by General Philip M. Breedlove, SACEUR

In his inspiring address to CIOR and CIOMR members, General Philip M. Breedlove, SACEUR, outlined two major aspects of NATO's recent evolutions:
- A change from "a force committed to operations" to "a force that is ready" ;
- The "art of crisis-management has shown us that NATO cannot operate in isolation but needs to make a military contribution within a comprehensive approach".

General Breedlove stressed the importance of training in order to achieve the required level of readiness, interoperability and adaptability. Such is the case, he said, with many of CIOR activities which “set the benchmark standard to which the rest of NATO should aspire to achieve.”

As far as crisis management is concerned, SACEUR insisted on the change of strategic paradigm implying "interaction and coordination with other actors including government organizations, Non-Governmental Organizations, civilians, politicians and the international community as a whole". Thus Reserve Forces are no longer a mere "contingency force" but they will "play a key role in the mechanism for crisis management in the future".

Along with the shift from deployment to readiness General Breedlove emphasized the importance of "exceptional leadership at every level".

Extract of videos made by Public Affairs Working Group of CIOR (4:45).

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