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From the Military Committee of NATO - CIOR president reports on activities

On July 3rd, 2014, the President of CIOR, Commander (R) Richard Roll and the Chairman of NRFC, Major General Georges Lebel were invited to report on their activities to the Military Committee of NATO at the NATO Headquarters. The presentations were very well received by the Chairman of the Military Committee and bythe military representatives of the NATO nations, providing additional evidence of the importance of the Reserves for NATO and its member nations. The script of the report of the CIOR President can be found in the attached files, as well as the presentation and the CIOR annual report 2013-14. The presentation was followed by a lively interaction with the audience. The Military representative of the Czech Republic, Major General Jiri Baloun, stated that his Country will take over the Chairmanship of NRFC in 2016, and is seriously considering taking over the CIOR Presidency at the same time, subject to some decisions to be made by his Ministry of defence.

Both the incoming CIOR president, LtCol. (R) Dimitar Popov and the incoming NRFC Chairman, Commodore Kiril Mihaylov, from Bulgaria, were briefly introduced to the Military Committee. The Permanent Representative of CIOR at the NATO International Military Staff, Capt (Navy reserve) Jacques De Decker also attended this session, which was followed by an office call with the Deputy Chairman of the Military Committee, Lt General USAF Mark Schissler, who congratulated the French Presidency of CIOR and Chaimanship of NRFC for their work and achievements.

On the day before this speech, Commander (R) Richard Roll attended office calls with the Director of the Plans & Policies division, Rear Admiral Sandalli, and very productive handover preparation meetings between the current and the incoming president of CIOR.

All these meetings and reports reinforce the unprecedented importance of the reserves for a dominant portion of the NATO nations and is very encouraging, just a few weeks from the CIOR Summer Congress in Fulda, Germany.

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