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How to care during combat

During the CIOR Summer Congress 2014, contestants of the Military Competition (MilComp) take up the challenge of Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC).
It is high noon at the military training area in Hammelburg near Fulda, Germany. On top of a hill, four teams are standing ready for an exercise that can save lives during combat. The so-called TCCC, or Tactical CombatCasualty Care, is a task conceived and designed by the Interallied Confederation of Medical Reserve Officers (CIOMR). In a combat scenario, reservists have to take care of the wounded and ensure their own safety at the same time.
Suddenly, a blast. An explosion detonates near a house leaving four people injured. The mission for the competitors is to enter the house, clear the area and look after the wounded with no information about whether they are friend or foe. The competitors are fully equipped and under stress: how can they approach an unknown casualty and deliver first aid without putting their lives at risk?
“The competitors were very creative”, says Colonel Dr. Hermann Caspar Römer, a physician and member of the jury. “Although they face identical scenarios, all teams developed different strategies.” Some of the reservists focused on first aid first, others made sure to secure the area and did not take any chances at all. With a tiny house and very little room to move, some contestants took the injured outside. Römer chuckles: “One team even made some space by taking off the door of the house.”
“Only by exercise soldiers can develop strategies with which they can respond appropriately to an extreme situation such as combat or catastrophe“, says lieutenant colonel and CIOMR member Dominique di Duca during the Summer Congress Symposium.

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