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Prepared for Crisis Management Operations - Education, Training & Exercise – with Reservists

Following the 2013 Summer symposium on employers’support, the 2014 edition explores the preparation for crisis management with reservists According to SACEUR, General Phip M. Breedlove, “the art of crisis management adresses a developing crisis before it escalates into a conflict” This kind of operation needs a comprehensive approach to which the Alliance can bring a military contribution and interact and coordinate with other actors including Government Organisations, Non-Governmental Organisations, civilians and the International Community as a whole.

In this context, the skills and experience of reservists can be paramount because of their twofold background, civilian and miltary. Moreover, they are able to prove value-added assets to their military employers on the grounds of their specific –and sometimes rare- expertise in the various fields involved in crisis management.

National approaches to these vital questions vary quite a lot and a comparative approach can prove of great interest to help identify lessons learnt and best practices. It is indeed one of the foremost points of interest of this very topical and forward-looking symposium which will undoubtedly emerge from the experts as well as the discussions and questions from the floor.

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