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Study of Employer Support

The BRNO Summer Congress with Employer Support, has generated excellent academic material by the NATO Defence College in Rome.

In this context, the Swedish (SVEROF) originated study of Employer Support, touches upon a key area to CIOR, having the Summer Congresses 2008 and 2013 in mind.

Defence Support, i.e, “what do Reserve Officers bring to the military table” is the next question to ask. The study conducted by SVEROF and RISEBA aims precisely to have “Defence Support” a bit more structured. The Riga School of Economics and Business Administration in Riga, Latvia is also involved. The reason is that the Rector, Prof Irina Sennikova has a keen interest into “military leadership” and she is a regular lecturer at the (NATO) Defence Academy in Tartu, Estonia.

Please note that  it is optional to state your name, if deleted the study will still function.

The Presidency of CIOR would be most grateful if the Reserve officers associations of CIOR would be contributing to this study, the outcome of which is of the greatest value to all member nations and CIOR overall.

Please take the questionnaire on the following link:


Wishing you a good survey!

Commander (R) Richard Roll
President of CIOR 

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