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Visit to Sweden by CIOR President

SVEROF  - The Swedish Federation of Reserve Officers – was favored by a visit from the CIOR  President during the two most intense days of March 24 & 25.

The aim of the visit was to build a platform of reserve officers and reservists in Sweden, where there is a newborn interest for these categories within the Swedish Armed Forces new manning system.

During the days, many high level discussions took place, not least with senior staff of the Swedish Armed Forces Headquarters, the Ministry of Defence, the Defence Commission and the Permanent Committee on Defence in the Swedish Parliament.

The French Embassy was most hospitable by arranging a high level presentation and discussion evening with contributions by Ambassador Lacroix, MG Dennis Gyllensporre, Commander Richard Roll and selected members of the Swedish CIOR Team (David Forsman, Mats Franberg, Jorgen Holmlund and Jan Sjolin). Candid discussions followed and in context with the more informal part of the evening, there were more than vivid exchanges of thoughts and standpoints.

To sum up the key interactions, (outside the Swedish Federation: SVEROF):

Swedish Armed Forces Headquarters

- Director General  Peter Sandwall, number 2 of GHQ, Director General
- MG Dennis Gyllensporre,
- MG Bengt Svensson, Director of Training
- BG Klas Eksell, Deputy Director of Personnel
- Col Mats Blom, Swedish Head of Delegation at NRFC
- Goran Oscarsson, Head of the Department of Employer Support
- Cdr Anders Sundeman

The Ministry of Defence

- Tommy Akesson, Seceretary General, Defence Commission
- Col Carl van Duin
- Magnus Bergman, Head of Department: Military Capabilities

The Swedish Parliament

- Peter Hultyqvist, MP and Chairman of the Permanent Committee of Defence
- Asa Lindestam, MP, Social-Democrat
- Mikael Oscarsson, MP, and Spokesperson on defence issues: Christian Democrats
- Anders Hansson, MP and NATO-issues specialist, Conservative

The Diplomatic Corps

- Ambassador Jean – Pierre Lacroix, Embassy of France
- Ambassador Eitvydas Bajarunas, Embassy of Lithuania
- Captain Gael Verpiot, Defence Attaché, Embassy of France

The visit proved to be an excellent opportunity to inform and bring across the better part all the competences and output elements of CIOR (& SVEROF).

I must admit that my high expectations of the usefulness of such a visit from the CIOR  President, they were significantly exceeded. This visit has reinforced the position of  CIOR &  SVEROF  within the Swedish Defence  Community”.   Jan Sjolin HoD/VP Sweden

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