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Bulgaria became a host for CIOR Language Academy for 4th year

Bulgaria's Red Cross (BRC) base in Lozen became a host of 45 reservists – teachers and students. People of different ages studied English and French, the official NATO and CIOR languages, for two weeks.
By using special criteria made by NATO – Test STANAG 6001 teachers divided students into groups depending of their level of language knowledge. The main goal of the course was to help the active reservists from the countries from East Europe to develop their language skills. Knowing the languages helps them not only as reservists but also as professionals. 
According to David Epstein - Director of the CIOR Language Academy, and the Committee Member Remi Nass, to be part of the Academy and to study in multicultural sphere is the best opportunity that each student can get. The traditional school techniques were used here, as well as techniques like drawing and communicating in the studied language only, which motivates the reservists to study harder and to use the foreign language more in the everyday use with their colleagues and friends at the Academy. Making friends at the multicultural sphere also motivates students to come back next year to keep learning the language and make new friendships. The teachers also keep in touch and support their students, after they graduate the Academy.
Teachers at the Academy are trained language professionals as they also need to have a vast amount of experience to become part of the Language Academy.
On 21st of August 2015 (Friday) on a Graduation ceremony, the students were awarded with certificates for their new language skills. Ceremony took place at the Military club in Sofia. Some of the teachers, who were part of the Academy, since the very beginning, got rewards too. A special plaque was given to Richard Koss, for his dedicated work and the contribution to the reservist Language Academy.

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