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The role of reservists will become more and more important. Technological and social developments are happening so quickly that it is just to wonder if the current CIOR organization is ready for this (near) future or that it has to take measures to get CIOR ready for this future. CIOR’s self-assessment has led to the establishment of a strategical study for a renewed CIOR 3.0.

CIOR In-Between Meeting in Prague, Czech Republic

After welcoming the delegates from national reserve (officer) associations as well as committee representatives, CIOR President LtCOL. Libezny pointed out that this IBM will serve as a starting point for planning CIOR's activities to take place during the following two years. As a next step, CIOR Secretary General 1Lt. Hajecek outlined the main objectives...

Hybrid threats: The Reservist Solution:  A Cyber Reserve Providing NATO With Real-World Expertise

The Interallied Confederation of Reserve Officers (CIOR) Partnership for Peace and Outreach (PfP & O) Committee and the Unione Nazionale Ufficiali in Congedo d'Italia (UNUCI), recently conducted a successful Seminar on Hybrid Threats. Thirty officers and distinguished speakers from ten NATO nations attended this important event, which focused on adapting defence capabilities utilizing Reserve forces in Hybrid Warfare. The participants included the former Chief of the US Army Reserves, Major General Roger Sandler, USA (Ret), and immediate past CIOR President Lieutenant Colonel Dimitar Popov, of Bulgaria.

CIOR’s President Participates in Blue Beret Security Conference

Brno, Czech Republic hosted the eighth International United Nations (UN) Missions Service Members meeting earlier this month. The conference was organized by a Czech Republic association Czechoslovak Legionnaire, a member of the Soldiers of Peace International Association/Association Internationale des Soldats de la Paix (AISP-SPIA), a World Blue Beret Association.

South Africa: A contributor to NATO’s Peace Keeping, and Maritime Interdiction (Anti-Piracy), Operations, welcomes the Interallied Confederation of Reserve Officers (CIOR)

Interallied Confederation of Reserve Officers Secretary General (CIOR SG) 1st LT Jaroslav Hajecek Hosted by the Reserve Forces Council (RFC) of South African Armed Forces: 1st LT Hajecek was warmly welcomed by Major General Keith M. Mokoape (pictured below making presentation to CIOR's SG), Brigadier General John Del Monte, and the RFC leadership committee, during his historic visit to the African continent.

CIOR & CIOMR Presidencies Transition as Resilience Dominates Dialogue

The 69th Summer Congress of the Interallied Confederation of Reserve Officers (CIOR), and the Interallied Confederation of Medical Reserve Officers (CIOMR), hosted this year by the Federacion de Organizaciones de Reservistas de Espana (FORE) in the beautiful capital city of Madrid. One of the main issues covered during the Summer Congress was “Resilience.” More than 300 Reserve officers, from throughout the NATO landscape, participated. They exchanged ideas on their international experiences and developed common strategies.

Building Resilience at Home and Abroad: The Role of Reservists

Recent major changes in our security environment have made mandatory the study of new concepts. New buzzwords have appeared that try to define, or at least reveal, a shift of paradigm. Among those, "resilience" has gained interest, as it aims at helping individuals, systems and societies, to recover after any kind of unprecedented, unpredictable and catastrophic shock. In an era where the level of threats and risks questions the ability of stakeholders, government and international organizations to protect their population, building and maintaining resilience has become a key issue.

CIOR CIMEX 2016 - A Success in Madrid

For the fifth year, the CIOR Civil-Military Cooperation (CIMIC) Committee has organised a CIMEX (CIMIC exercise) prior to the CIOR Summer Congress. This year it was held at the Military Engineering Academy in Hoyo near Madrid.

CIOR Annual Report 2015-16

CIOR Annual Report - During the period July 2015 – June 2015 the Interallied Confederation of Reserve Officers (CIOR) had numerous activities and realized the projects, following its battle rhythm. Once taken into consideration that current threats call for a comprehensive understanding of the world in which we live in, reservists can offer their unique abilities to bridge the gap between militaries and civilians: they provide their unique insights, they fill ranks and strengthen our armed forces, and they instil within the whole society a feeling of awareness. The reservists can almost be seen as key enablers to comprehensive approach, given their unique positioning and their familiarity with both military and civilian crisis management processes. Reservists are more than just a reinforcement that could be mobilized, through military channels. Reaching out to reservists, as individual civilians, opens a new field of actions for both local government and reservists. This process is best facilitated by the associations of reservists within CIOR.

2016-01-31 | 2016 Winter Seminar on IS
2016 Winter Seminar on IS

Every year prior to the CIOR Midwintermeeting the welknown Winter Seminar is being held in Germany. This year we report live from Bonn as far as the Chatham House rules allow us. The theme of the Seminar: "IS - Understanding the threat and it's implications".

Secretary General’s Annual Report - 2015

Secretary General’s Annual Report shows cuts in defence spending have almost stopped. The year 2015 showed how insecurity abroad directly affects our security at home, but it also showed that the Alliance is responding, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said during the presentation of his Annual Report today (28 January, 2016)

CIOR In Between Meeting (IBM-4)

Next april the fourth and last in between meeting during the bulgarian presidence will take place in Sofia, Bulgaria.

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