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Defence Attitudes and Security Issues Committee

Updating the Presidency and Council on emerging Defence & Security issues affecting NATO reserve forces, with a focus on the War on Terror and operations in Afghanistan. Maintain and update the Exchange of the Training Manual.
The Defence & Security Commitee (in short: "DefSec") is a "think and do-tank" for all defence and security matters where reserves come to play:
a) Value added products: symposiums, proceedings, l eadership workshops.
b) Open to adhoc partnerships with defence and security thinktanks.
c) Contributing to CIOR’s role as partner of choice for defence and security for member and partner nations’ Ministries of defence and reserve officers accociations.

DefSec's official taskings (6/2/2010), on which DefSec is currently working, can be the basis for future taskings from the Norwegian CIOR Presidency:

a) Perform all preparatory actions to advise, at their request, member and partner nations' Ministries of defence on their reserve policy and make this work benefit other nations.
b) Prepare and execute breakout/panel sessions during CIOR Summer Congresses (Symposium) and other key events.
c) Collect the output of CIOR events and prepare high quality level proceedings, papers and reports.

Our challenge is to manage diversity of its delegates, and ensure that different points of views are reflected in its work products.

a) Managing the quality of its outputs over time, through flexible although rigorous quality assurance disciplines.
b) Keeping a very open and continuous communication line with the CIOR presidency, as think thank and policy contributor to CIOR and the reserves of member and partner nations of NATO.

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