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Military Competitions Committee (MILCOMP)

The Military Competition Committee provides advanced military skills training, leadership development, physical challenge, intercultural experience and international friendship by staging the annual CIOR Military Competition.


Committee Tasks

Plan and execute the CIOR Military Pentathlon in accordance with the existing regulations.
Proceed with efforts for obtaining NATO accreditations on MilComp.

This year's event has not placed any pressure on the Committee due to the vast knowledge of our German hosts. Any nation with experience of competing at the highest level and previously hosting the event can stage Milcomp with very little support. We however are always keen to support new nations who have not competed or hosted Milcomp before. Latvia, Turkey, Bulgaria, Poland and the Czech Republic have all recently hosted the event without any previous experience and with the required support from MilComp Committee staged good competitions. This support will be available for other nations as they host their first MilComp.

To ensure that MilComp remains a true test of combat effectiveness and therefore provides value for military commanders is our main challenge.

CIOR MilComp Members

Function Nation Name E-mail
Chairman  BEL SrCapt Wesemael Yves
Secretary  NLD LtCol Zwijnenburg Marinus  
  AUT LtCol Schandor Christian  
  BEL SrCapt Wesemael Yves  
  CHE Col La Bella Marco  
  DEU Capt Ulrich Konstantin  
  DNK Maj Birkerød Kim  
  ESP 2Lt Placencia Luis  
  FIN SrLt Liehu Saku  
  FRA Maj Labadie Jean-Philippe  
  GBR Capt Beyers Greg  
  HUN Col Ujhazy Laszlo  
  ITA Lt Cdr (Navy) Imbalzano Giuseppe Filippo  
  NLD Maj Scheepers Winie  
  NOR Capt Sandholt Ståle  
  POL Capt (Navy) Krotowicz Marek  
  SWE Capt Lindeberg Sven  
  USA Cdr Staats Grant  
  ZAF LtCol Van der Westhuijzen Uys  


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